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Anthony Maio

Anthony Maio died on August 2, 2008 at the age of 87.
Please say a pray for hom.

Re: Anthony Maio

Hi Alex, My mother Sue, myself and my husband Andy are sorry to hear your dad died. I remember him very well. You lived next door to my grandparents. Remember me? We saw each other last June at the Mass at OLL. Give our regards to your family. We will keep your dad in our prayers.


Re: Anthony Maio

If this is the Tony Maio that I knew, who lived on Somers St in the 1940s, I can't think of a better guy in all of Brooklyn. Smart, strong leadership qualities who managed the local neighborhood returning veterans' baseball team called the Parkway Cubs that played most of their games in Highland Park.
Though they were a great team that won championships after WWII and took up most of his time, he still found the time to manage us seventeen year old kids, the Desalians, in the intermediate league.

Farewell, and God be with you.

Re: Anthony Maio

do you have a aunt name joesphine ?? and adeline on dean st??