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Hello Donney

Hello Donney,

Thank you for your quick response.

I'm pretty sure Diana and Cheryl Johnson attended this school because their school travel by foot started from corner Herkimer St. and Heavens Pl. which then they proceeded on Herkimer to and turned on Sackman Street heading to the Atlantic Ave. underpassage under the viaduct to get to the other side of Sackman Street where the school location was.

Also, if you look at the "Our Lady of Loretto Class of 1969 picture" you will see Cheryl Johnson, a black American, standing directly next to school Nun on the right side of the picture third row.

I will try my luck with other social media websites.

Thanks again for your assistance .


Am Samstag, 8. Juni 2019, 15:43:30 MESZ hat Folgendes geschrieben:

Hello Paul

I am the webmaster of the Our Lady of Loreto website.

I see that you are looking for Diana Johnson and Cheryl Johnson.

Are you sure they attended Our Lady of Loreto school?

There are some graduation pictures on the Our Lady of Loreto website and I don't see anyone by the names of Diana Johnson and Cheryl Johnson.

Perhaps they attended Our Lady of Lourdes which was located on Aberdeen St. between Bushwick Ave and Broadway. It was the only other Catholic school in the area of Herkimer St.

Also, you didn't mention if they are Black or White.

Also, check Facebook. There are some Cheryl Johnson's listed on Facebook.

Sorry I can't be of more help.

Good luck