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Class of '69

Anyone from the class of 1969? I look forward to hearing from you!

Re: Class of '69

Michelle...I graduated from OLL in 1976...I remember your Mother working there as the secretary & your sister Marie.

I loved being @ OLL....and today Im 50 years old...and still sometimes have great dreams of jumping rope in the school yard.

Sis. Mary Josephine was the principal...and I loved Mr. Clinton (whom I am in contact with on FB, Sis. Bosco, Sis. Francis, Sis. Julie (who left the convent to start a family);

I just have great memories about OLL.....God bless you!

Re: Class of '69

Hello Michelle!

This is Ivette Natal. We were in class together. Please email me. I would love to talk to you!


Re: Class of '69

Hello Michelle, I'm trying locate or contact Diana Johnson, an african american, that also graduated in 1969. Did you know her or have contact with her? She was my neighbor and lived on 1484 Herkimer Street not far from Sackman St. I wish you good times!

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