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Student search from the 60s (Johnsons)

Hello to all,
I'm looking for contact information and/or pictures of my earlier neighbors Diana Johnson and Cheryl Johnson, which are sisters, that attended this school in the 60s until the late 60s.
They once lived at 1482 Herkimer Street and I lived right next to them at 1484 Herkimer Street.
My parents, brothers and sisters moved out from 1484 Herkimer back in around 1967 and that is when I last saw them. I believe to have seen an image of Cheryl Johnson, an African American, standing next to the school Sister on the right side from the class of 1969 photo. I now reside in Germany after 30 years working for the U.S. Military overseas. I will be grateful for any info or pictures.

Thank you and wish you a good time,

Paul Diaz
Whatsapp: 011491601471268