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Our Lady of Loreto
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Ferrara family

This goes back many years.

My mother, Anna Marie Ferrara, was baptized at Our Lady of Loreto on April 10, 1920. Her parents were Frank (Francisco) and Mary Ferrara (nee Mirabella). While there, they became friends with a couple (and possibly fellow parishioners, William (or Bill) and Rene (or Irene) Codigan. I do not know the exact spelling, so I'm spelling it like it sounds. It could be "Cadogan." Mom said that they might have lived in or near Flatbush or on Flatbush Ave. By 1942 mom was attending St Simon and Jude in Bensonhurst where the "Cadogan" couple filmed her wedding to R Widding in October of that year.

We are trying to locate "Cadogan" children or relatives to see if the original film still exists so it can be copied. The original film may have been processed at Macy's or A&S.

If any of these names sound familiar to you, please let us know.

Somewhere I have mom's baptismal certificate from Our Lady of Loreto, 1920. As I recall, it is all written in Italian. If the forum moderator would like to post it, I'll send it along.

We have already checked at St Simon & Jude over on Ave T. No "Cadogan" listed as parishioners in 1942.

Our email is louisfroug@gmail.com