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Passing of Genevieve P. (Izzo) Covino

There is probably no one alive who remembers my Mom. She passed at 90 in the same bed that dad passed in on November 13, 2013 with a rosary and a picture of my dad nearby. She retired from her fourth career at 90. She just slowed down systmatically and one day she took an afternoon nap and passed away. If you are wondering, she was an Izzo from Pacific street and always looked in on the house of the Good Shepard. We owned the J&J candy store two doors down from the cow in the window and right across from Carlucci's.
We and the whole family were "family" at Pep's and Our Lady of Loreto. She was the life blood and the spirit of why a site like this exists in the first place. The were all the greatest. Now she is at the greatest reunion.....rest her.....and let's keep alive the most extended family that this country has ever had.

Re: Passing of Genevieve P. (Izzo) Covino

What a beautiful testimonial for a son to give to his mother! She lived a long. productive life and had a good death -- in her sleep.