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My OLL years 1963-69

Hello everyone.

I attended OLL from 3rd to 8th grades. My teachers were Mrs. Sullivan, Sister Mary Margaret, Sister Ann, Sister Mary Cabrini( a cutie too) and I can't remember my sixth grade teacher's name! Ms. De Vito was our music teacher. Father Barretto loved to sing Frank Sinatra songs and Father Michael was a very young looking priest.

With just one dollar, I ate lunch at Carlucci's everyday. For sixty cents, I ate a small plate of pasta-lasagna, spaghetti/meatballs/ziti/manicotti or whatever was on special that day. Forty cents bought me my soda. For less than three dollars, my school friends and I shared a large pizza. I had left over loose change to buy some candy! Mary, the waitress worked there. We loved her! She was extra special!

Those were great times and sad times, too. It was at OLL that we all heard the news of President John F. Kennedy's death. Our teacher had us stand up, pray and we were sent home early. We saw many tragedies in the 1960 decade. First, President Kennedy then Dr. Martin Luther King and two months later President Kennedy's brother, Robert Kennedy. All were killed by assassins.

After my eight grade graduation from OLL, I was accepted at All Saint's High School but didn't get a chance to attend because my father moved our family to Puerto Rico. I am in the process of writing a book which includes vignettes of my years at Our Lady of Loretto.

Hope to hear from my OLL colleagues,

Re: My OLL years 1963-69

Hello Ivette,
My name is Paul Diaz and I used to live at 1484 Herkimer Street from 1957 to 1967 not very far from OLL. I did not attend OLL school but I made my holy Kommunion and conformation there.
The reason why I am writing you is because I attended P.S. 155 and on November 22, 1963 while in school a clerk from the principles office came in our class to tell us the President has been assassinated. I never forget the face our male teacher made that day we were all stun.You brought a lot of memories back to me. The other reason why I am writing you is to ask you if you knew two african American females name Diana and Sherry Johnson both sisters that all attended OLL? They were my next door neighbors and Diana Johnson and I were once very fond of each other.
In 1969 when I turned 19 yrs old I got drafted into the U.S. Army, it was during the Vietnam war. After my initial training I was sent to Germany for my first duty station and been here ever since. When did you live? I visit that area often in Google earth were I used to run away as a kid.
Well, I wish you all the best and good memories.

Paul Diaz
Am Kirchberg 10
74889 Sinsheim
Skype name: paul.diaz75

Re: My OLL years 1963-69

Hi Paul,

Thanks for your response. Unfortunately, I didn't know the two girls you mentioned.