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Esposito family

I have records from your church of the
Baptism of
Carmela Esposito daughter of Felice Esposito on October 20, 1912
Immacolata Esposito another daughter on February 24, 1912
Salvatore Esposito son on August 9, 1914
Alessandra Esposito another daughter on April 11,1920
Fortunata Esposito another daughter on September 26 1908
Another son Rafelle (ralph) was baptised there but I do not have certificate

My mother Immacolata (Margaret) also married in your church to Harold Weinsteinon Sept 4, 1937.

I have done a lot of research on the Espositos, Felice (grandfather) and Santa nee Iaseovoli (grandmother). Felice's brother, Raffaele lived with them at 205 Stone Ave and sponsored one of the children's baptism. Sometime from the 1910 census when he lived with them until the 1920 census when he didn't, He got married. I am hoping you have a record of him marrying. We have not been able to determine if he married either Mary or Carmella. It would help to fill in the blanks on our family history.

I have a lovely photo of my parents being married in your church. If you would like it for your photo book I would be glad to send it to you.

Ann Herrera

Re: Esposito family

Hi Ann, If you send me your email address I have a list of marriages and baptisms that I will send you, I think you will find what you are looking for and more.