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Anthony [ Pio ] Pionegro

Let us all who know Pio extend our sincere PRAYERS.He is not feeling well. My cousin and a big part of my restaurent days [ Carluccis].Donny he was a huge part of OUR LADY OF LORETO.He cooked many a meal for the NUNS and PRIEST.A tremondous worker and always with a sence of HUMOR .Outrageous LAUGHS.He Like myself was very friendly with FATHER FELIX.Our picture is on the LORETO SIGHT.LOVE TO ALL CARL.

Re: Anthony [ Pio ] Pionegro

Hi Carl,

Give him my best. I remember I used to go back into the kitchen of the restaurant & he would let get a taste of his sauce.

John Camisa

Re: Anthony [ Pio ] Pionegro

Carl.Pio touch many lives just as you have.I will always remember him as the gentle giant who was so easy to talk too.He always loved when Tommy Pam.the(ace).Neil(bonehead)Freddy(flea) and myself would come in; he'd tell us some of his stories and we would share some of ours.Tell him that he is in our hearts and prays.

Re: Anthony [ Pio ] Pionegro

Hey tommy do you remember me from sackmam street did you father have the drug store on herkimer and easternpy i hung out with lou turino and joey nap and jim gentile

Re: Anthony [ Pio ] Pionegro

Hi Joey,that was my family pharmacy that i left in 1994.
I still communicate with lou tirino and well remember nappy.
Thanks for looking at the posting,its a ashame not to many people
watch the OLL FORUM.
Hope all is well with you and the family.
I do miss the old neighborhood and my old friends.

Re: Anthony [ Pio ] Pionegro


I well remember your Dad and the pharmacy on eastern parkway and sackman street.................your Dad was always so helpful.............no matter how many questions he was asked.........

Do you remember a girl named Aminda and her friend Grace............I thought Aminda lived on eastern parkway for some reason...........

My father had a fruit store on rockaway avenue near ariola's.........I miss those days as well.......

You should join our facebook page, Growing Up in East New York Brooklyn in the 50's and 60's..............to re-connect.

take care Tommy............

Re: Anthony [ Pio ] Pionegro

Hey Tommy

It has been a long time, hope all is well with you, John Peter and Donna. I remember your Dad very well as well as the rest of your family. Your Dad was more than life to the entire neighborhood. He went well beyond just filling prescriptions.

Anyway take care and it was very good to see your name after so many years.



Hi Phyllis,about aminda and grace,they were very good friends.
Grace lived on Eastern Pkway across from the pharmacy
Aminda pilato lived on Herkimer st. right off rockaway
ave,she was my first puppy love.


hey tommy its joe mattino i tracked down joey nap he lives in texas spoke to him on phone he is in not to good health