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I remember

My goodness. I haven't been on this site in such a long time.
I went to OLL from 1964 - 1973.
I still have vivid memories about this school.
I remember once asking to use the bathroom and going into the first door and there was a door that separated the sinks from the stalls, and I saw a man's shoes up against the wall behind the door. I ran back to class and told my teacher. I don't think they believed me. Was scared to death.
I remember there were "A" and "B" classes.
I remember going down to the supply closet and can still smell it.
I remember being inoculated there.
I remember my mom walking me 20 blocks to get me there.
I remember the bakery on the corner and the pizzeria where you could get a slice for 50 cents.
Carlucci's Restaurant.
Seems like eons ago.