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Re: Note on Neil McCarthy's grave, mystery.


Re: 1939 Census.

I am a subscriber to FindMyPast and I've had a look. The previous post is correct, there are FOUR members of that household in 1939.

If you are not a subscriber to FindMyPast it will only show you the transcription for two people, plus the number of other members.

Records are transcribed for anyone who had died before 1991, irrespective of the '100 years' rule. Neil's record is therefore visible, if you search for him specifically you will find him.

Records that are closed under the rule don't appear in the transcription at all, you can only see they exist if you subscribe and look at the image.

The census image lists in schedule 256:
Eugene C (dentist), Beatrice A (unpaid), Eugene Neil ("at school"). The following record is blanked out as "closed". The record after that is the next numerical schedule (257), therefore the closed record is a 4th member of the McCarthy household.

Of course it needn't be another child; it could, for instance, be a domestic servant or a lodger. If it is a sibling to Neil than she or he must be younger. They must also have been still living in 1991.

Adara, I take it from your previous posts that you are visually impaired. Unfortunately the only way you could know a closed record even exists is by viewing the census images. This might be an issue worth raising with FindMyPast.

If you need any further information please say.


Re: Note on Neil McCarthy's grave, mystery.

Hi Ian,
Thank you so much, that is helpful to know.
I am not a subscriber to that site, so for me, it only shows what I listed.
My notion would be, that perhaps the 4th person was a servant.
Would I be correct in assuming that a home of a dentist may have such staff?

Is there any way to find out who that person is ?

I don't know if you have seen any of my other posts here and on Neil's FB page regarding a note that was left on Neil's grave and clearly meant for myself and my friend David. That is why we are curious as to who and why are we offending, by David leaving flowers and tiding up the grave a bit.

Believe it or not, but we can't find ANYONE out there, that knew Neil and or is willing to talk about him.
There is another bit of small drama going on on another page which I frequent "Find a Grave'. someone had left wonderful heartfelt tribute notes on Neil's page there and they were yanked! I don't know why, but I do suspect they were all left by the same person under various names. .

Oh, update on the note on Neil's grave, at least this time someone took the note but left the flowers... the beautiful yellow bunch was still there for Neil.

Thank you

Town/City USA