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Re: I remember....

my dad stood at the sportsman bar, and many other good people, stood there, , so i would appreciate if you would stop making it sound like a bad place.you can rest assure that the neighborhood was safe, which means you too.my friend. ronnie one arm would deliver the holy comunion every sunday from ourlady of loretta. i was told there was a deli with a cow in the window,which ronnie lived next door. i was baptized io olol.

Re: Sportsman's Bar

To answer Margaret's question.................my father knew they were all "neighborhood" men, but at the time I had to listen to what he said..........I remember you coming around with my friend, Vicki.

Frank...........what a small world.........I never did get to meet the owners of the place, but I'm sure they were lovely people............

Re: I remember....

Hello Grace:
Did you happen to have a relative perhaps named Connie Marullo? She would have been about 18-20 years old in 1942. She was the girlfriend (or engaged to) of my great uncle by the name of Ernest Calvin Pauley. He was a Navy sailor stationed in NY for a while. The family story is that they met at Coney Island. His ship was lost at sea just a few weeks after leaving NY. We have completely lost contact (since the war) with Connie. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Re: I remember....

My family and I immigrated to the United States in 1956. Never met her -- don't think she is related to my family.