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Our Lady of Loreto
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Re: Our Lady of Loretto Records

Victor. Good information. Thanks. Will resume search.

Re: Our Lady of Loretto Records

Lots of luck trying to get any information except directly from interested ex parishoners of OLL.
I have tried to get OLL school records for me and my sister out of the Diocese. They didn't have the courtesy to reply. That was two years ago. What's that all about?????

Re: Our Lady of Loretto Records

I spoke with someone at the Diocese of Brooklyn, and they have the records for Our Lady of Loretto Church.

You need to send a money order for $25, with a written request, via US Mail, and includes copies of relative birth certificates, to authenticate your have authority to get the information.Requests take 3-4 weeks. Keep a tracking number and call them in one month if you haven't heard from them. Here is where to contact them:

Office of Diocesan Archives
310 Prospect Park West
Brooklyn, NY 11215
718-965-7300. Fax: 718-965-7302
Joseph Coen, Archivist, ext. 1001
Charlie Donahoe, ext. 1003
For additional assistance regarding sacramental and student records
from closed schools and parishes, please contact extension 1002.