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Our Lady of Loreto
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help me Formal members when did the church start

the folks who still are around from the olden days couldnt tell me when the church was finish
i am trying to see if i can learn more about it

myself i just move to brooklyn and all i here at the catholic church i go to now olop is about that church i havent seen the inside and the site doesnt have history of the once church i would like to know about it
vs heresay from others

Re: help me Formal members when did the church start


If you want the history of the church then I recommend you contact Donny. He is the webmaster of this web site. He has all the information you need about the church. His email address is pi4dom@aol.com

He grew up across the street from the church and has been involved with the church for many years. So he should be able to help you.

Good luck

thank you for writing back to me

thank you again