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Where are the kids from the lass of 1970

Philip here lived right next door to Rossi Pharmacy, worked there for so long I became a Pharmacist and now live in New Bedford,MA. Also lived in Arizona for over 20 years. My brother Anthony and sister Cathy both doing great, also have an older brother Vinny.
Would love to hear from my old classmates.

Re: Where are the kids from the lass of 1970

Hello Phillip,

I graduated from Loreto in 1960. I lived on Herkimer Street but was friends with your brother Vinny and Tom Rossi & John Peter. I was going out with a Puerto Rican girl named Margie from Herkimer Street. Moved to California in 1979. Been divorced from her about 25 years & still living in Southern California. Hope things are going well for you. How is your brother Vinny? He is the one that got me the job at Miranda's Beer distributors.

John Camisa

Re: Where are the kids from the lass of 1970

Hello John,

WOW a friend of my brother's, he is doing great lives in PA and is retired now. Please provide me with your e-mail and I will pass it along to him.
I'm sure we would love to chat with you.

Philip Falzarano

Re: Where are the kids from the lass of 1970

Hi Philip I am hoping you remember me. My parents owned the candy store on Pacific St. 3 houses from OLL school. I am a 1970 graduate and knew you and Anthony well. I lived directly across the street from Rose Mosera, I "know" you remember her, I believe you and Anthony dated her. On Facebook I am friends with Carmine Leone, Mario Maietta, Stephen Pampinella, Rae Ann Winters, Rose Tirino, Cathy Bilello, Esther Famighetti - all 1970 graduates and othes I can't think of at this minute. Are you on Facebook. Let me know if you will join FB and you can friend 1970 graduate friends from my page. Glad to hear all is well with you. When you get this, please respond and I will catch you up more.