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Knights of Columbus Council #4629

To the members of Fr. Vincent Sorrentino K of C Council #4629, congratulations on revitalizing the Brotherhood for Our Lady of Loreto Parish. I was a member of the Long Island Council with a club house on Jamaica Avenue from 1949 thru 1956 when I departed Brooklyn for California. It's good news reading about the Council moving on.
Joe Di Mento, Council #7069, Fallbrook, California
OLL Jan. 1946

Re: Knights of Columbus Council #4629

Knibghts of Columbus. Spent many a day and night there. Wouldn.t know what I would have done without it.

Re: Knights of Columbus Council #4629

I remember it well.... especially since my parents Anthony and Rose spent so much time there cooking on Friday nights and for all the parties. My mother was president of the Ladies Auxillary for years. I still have pictures of parties they had at Halloween and Christmas for both the adults and us kids... What friends we had and still have ... the DiStefanos... the Lubertos..... it was great back then.

Re: Knights of Columbus Council #4629

I remember how bad I felt when I received the news that the old K of C house on Jamaica Avenue burned down. That was such a great building for our Council parties and meetings with the dance floor on the first level, card playing rooms and food service on the upper floors. I heard that the fire started with a painter's blow torch. He was removing old paint from the siding, but the siding must have been too dry to withstand the heat.
My last memory of our Council's meeting place, before I departed Brooklyn for good, was of a low, concrete building, not at all as nice as the old house.
Joe Di Mento