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Father Felix

To Donny and all,

I often wonder why Father Felix is never mentioned on Our Lady Of Loreto sight except for the picture I sent you of his 50th anniversary celebration.

At the time Father Baretta became Pastor many thought it would be Father Felix.
Father Baretta was out going while Father Felix was laid back.

He was always out visiting the sick and the needy .I and my Father were close to Him.We owned Carlucci Restaurant and constantly brought food to the rectory, especially on Friday No meat. I would drive him twice a week to visit His Sister in a nursing home in Bayside to feed Her and keep her company.

One thing I could never never forget 1962 My Sister was very ill above the restaurant and Father Felix set up a mini Altar and for 80 days He would be there at AM saying mass and giving Communion till she passed.How could I ever forget this. At his 50th anniversary and His Funeral The outpouring of Tears and Love was Increadible.This was A TRUE SAINT OF A MAN.

I am truly curious to hear from others who may have some wonderful memories of this great MAN.
Please email me at CarlucciCarl@aol.com

My very best,
Carl Bilardi

Re: Father Felix

Dear Carl,
Yes, I remember Fr. Felix. He was, like you said, laid back, and very humble. I don't have a specific memory to share with you, other than the fact that I recall my grandmother and her friends adored him. I seem to recall that the older parishioners took to him, and the younger ones to the more outgoing, dynamic priests. Your story touched me for many reasons: firstly, the timing is great. Given all the bad press recently about priests, it is very uplifting to read about one who performed such a healing ministry. What he did for your beloved sister and your family is truly saint like. The fact that he was so laid back and quiet about his works of mercy make his deeds even more admirable. Thank you for sharing this story. It makes me realize that as young people we were exposed to great people in our parish, despite the fact that most of us didn't have much. The nuns and priests who influenced us have, no doubt, had a sustaining effect on our lives, and I am only guessing that most of it was positive. Take care.

Re: Father Felix

carl i remember father felix . aspecailly when we were alter boys if he was serving mass we knew we were in for the long haul he would go on forever after he gave the gospel and rush through the rest of the mass for the next service . but he was a very sweet guy.

Re: Father Felix

And, let us not forget our Pastor..............Father Scipio Iacini...............he was one in a million. I emailed Carl Bilardi about him, but he did not answer me............anyway, someone wrote Father Iacini an anonymous note about something. He reads it at Mass from the pulpit and dares the person who wrote it to confront him in person..............never mind being an anonymous coward...........you had to love him.

Re: Father Felix

what church is he in now?