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second grade in 1964/65

Hello OLL alumni, my name is Joe (Jose) Correa. I lived at 215 Sackman. In 1964/65, I was in the second grade. My family moved to California the summer of 65. I don't recall the names of any of my class mates but was hoping that someone might have a class picture. I do however, have vivid memories of our teacher. She was an older nun that made Adolf Ikeman look like an alter boy. She would walk around the class with a belt hanging from her neck as if it was a scarf. If the belt was unavailable a ruler of the pointer would do quite nicely. Needless to say, corporal punishment was enthusiastically applied. I can't remember her name. I wonder why? If anyone remembers the second grade teacher in 64/65 let me know. My psychologist thinks it may help. Just kidding!!

Re: second grade in 1964/65


I lived at 134 Sackman St (first flr) and I went to OLL and left in 64/65. I too had a nun that would take us to the closet room and hit us on the hands with a ruler. I can't remember any of my classmates, but I do remember the school, the good humor ice cream truck, the festivals and the simple life back then. Thanks