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gunther place

i hung out on gunther place from 1960 to 1966 when i moved to deer park long island i lived on the corner of marconi and atlantic above my uncles store super chrome i was one of the kids that went to public school as you can tell by the grammer 1s there any body that went to ps87 178 and 271 then off to fk lane the group on gunther place was a lot of fun some nanes michael marabella aka little gooch john danofrio aka bones jerry dado aka doc and many more girls helen barry josphine aka mousy anita and alot more lets hear from some of you and my friend vinny greco who never writes thas it for now lets go METS

Re: gunther place

Frank, looking for people from PS 87 is a lost cause. I even tried on Facebook and found PS 87 from Manhattan, Queens, and the Bronx. I think you and I are the only survivors from that school. :)

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You won't remember me. I was very quiet and shy back then and had to sneak to go hang out on Gunther Pl. I was 12 years old then. When my mother would catch me hanging out there, she'd drag me by my hair off that block.

I went to F.K. Lane after St. Michael's kicked me out. *shrugs* they were more strict than Loretto. At Lane, a few of the people I hung out with from the neighborhood were Gracie Facciola, Billy Gotti (saw Billy in Los Angeles not too long ago), John Cook and Geraldine Cesaera.

I know all the people you list. Jerry Dado was in my class from kindergarten to 8th grade. I rarely went up to Gunther Pl. because I wasn't allowed to hang out anywhere. One time while I was in front of Joanne Rags (Moraglia) house on Gunther, my mother caught me up there and dragged me by my hair off the block and down Herkimer St. I knew big Gooch and his brother and their mother better than I did little Gooch.

I saw Vinny Greco and his wife at the reunion. His wife, MaryJo was also in my class too from kindergarten to 8th grade. MaryJo is on FaceBook. Vinny doesn't post but you can get a message through to him from her FaceBook page.

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Hi everybody.

I read every post and I just had to answer this one.

The person you call Jerry Dado, his real name is Gennaro Dicecilia. His address was 22 Gunther Pl.

He now lives in New Mexico with his wife.

He is a very dear friend of my family.


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your worng donni jerry dado lived on marconi pl i was in the house many times

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hi barbara i really dont remember you were youyounger i hung around on gunther pl from 1960 to 1966 when i moved to long island deerpark i went to the 2000 reunion but missed the second one tell you the truth i lost contact with everyone dont know where anyone is like jerry dado akadoc helen barry first girlfriend jonny bones i saw little gooch at the first reunion and franny joann sister talk to you again frank

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I was best friends with John Cook's sister, Ann Marie. Did you know her?

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hi grace i was friends with john his sister was a littkle younger we hung around on gunther pl fulton street girls were anita josphine aka mousy and helen barry talk to you soon

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hi grace annmarie cook and my cousin christina demonoco were good friends just thought id let you know by fir now

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Hi Frank,

Helen Barry was at this last reunion.

I used to go to Deer Park when I was little because my next door neighbors (Stone Ave. before I moved to Herkimer St)good friends of ours, were building a house there, little by little every summer. There were hardly any houses around back then. Do you know the Zagarias? Ralphy came to the reunion this last time. His brother Robert was at that 2000 reunion.


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John Cook was in my class from kindergarten to 8th grade. His sister Cathy was in my brother Johnny's class.