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Our Lady of Loreto
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Today me and my wife clean up the front of the ole convent

Yes today working at the spare of the monet
I told my wife why wait for folks to come help us lets see what we can do!! so truely we took our brooms and our knifes to cut the grass and we work for about 2 hours and i started to go around the church and i was looking to see how i could get to clean the front of the church but the gates are lock

But i had found some more tools from a membes of the town and when i came back my wife was being aided by
2 men from the nearby homeless house down on atlantic ave
We turn over all the earth in front of the Convent and we did alot of cutting down grass and removing the trash and more
Tommorrow We are going to wash the front of the covent down and do alot more
TThere alot we can do for the church
cleaning it up would be great
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