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old friends

looking for the friends of gunther place 1960 to 1966

Re: old friends- the greco's & salerno's

hi frankie
sure i remember you...my kids just went to visit joe salerno...he used to live in wantagh but just moved to no. carolina...he's doing well...has 3 kids and 4 grandchildren...he married barbara mastriago from the old neighborhood...my ex husband john was just here for christmas and he lives in staten island...he really changed...i have a pic of him on facebook under madeline ciervo...and my daughter marissa salerno has a pic of joey and john on her facebook...my bro in law vinny is still the same..a real jokester...he is fine and lives her in p.a. with my sister and 3 kids and 3 grandkids...he is having big superbowl party and everyone from ny is here...the greco's....maria greco..do you remember her??im trying to convince them to go to the reunion...are you going???we're you every here in p.a. i thought i remembered you visiting...where do you live...write back or send a note to my sis and bro in law on snippybug@aol.com...or moonltdrv@aol.com that is vinny's...remember billy campione...his wife died 5 yrs ago of cancer...he's living in breezy point...i love going on here..to reminisce and talk to everyone...eny was the greatest...write back...madeline....myalex123@aol.com or facebook...madeline ciervo..

Re: old friends

Hi Madeline,
I just saw that you mentioned Billy Campione. Just for the record, he is going to the reunion. I just received his check. Thought you might be interested to know that

Re: old friends

hi madeline great hearing from you it been many years since i moved away from brooklyn i was 16 i moved to deer park long island i worked for the long island railroad for 32 years i am retired now my wife and i own a vacaction home in arrowhead lake pa its in the poconos we go there every few weeks love to see you guys i havent herd back fron vinny we were good friends on gunther place i lived on the corner of atlantic and marconi on top of my uncles store super chrome hr sold kitchen setshave to go now love to hear from you guys