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hi everybody from the neighborhood (old) my nickname was sallyboy dibenedetto have a sister named josephine (jozzi). its really nice to check web site for oll and just think of the days gone by, donnie is doing a great job with the site and keeping ENY alive. its great to see all the names that get posted and the pictures. there is a picture of the worlds fair where the choir sang and there i am in the front row with mrs devito. its great to look back and feel a great connection to that great neighborhood called EAST NEW YORK. best to all.

Re: ENYt8my

Hey Sal,

I remember your sister Jozzie who hung out in Frank's candy store. She was a year older than I.

I was also in Miss DeVivo's choir as the soloist. I'm in the center of the front row of that that picture from the World's Fair. I was also in Father Ganeli's(sp)Italian Choir.

Yeah, you said it! Donny has done a tremendous job with this website. I enjoy it very much.


Re: ENYt8my

hi sally,

do you remember me...i am julius cousin...i hope you know that he was killed in a motorcycle accident about 3 yrs ago...how are you...hows your sister...are you gonna be at reunion...i was married to john salerno...i still see my cousin john vasquez..he's doing ok..but he had lots of heart problems...my mom passed away last year and that took a toll on me...i live in lancaster, pa..your sis knows my hubby anthony..ciervo...checkout my pics on facebook or myalex123@aol.com...i'm under madeline ciervo on facebook or madeline agerenza...rite back..

Re: ENYt8my

Sallyboy what a blast. we used to be in a band together and hung out at John the Butcher with Kevin and Marshall. Hope you are well. Looking foward to seeing everyone in M. Drop a line to my G mail and we can chat.

Re: ENYt8my

Hi Sal,

I don't know if you remember me. I was in your class through the 7th Grade . I moved to Florida in 1965. Ann Marie Cook was my best friend.

I hope you are doing well.

I would love to get in touch with Ann Marie. If anyone has her email, I would appreciate receiving it.