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Looking for old friends

I am trying to contact Rosey Hodge or anyone in her family. I was friends with her three sons,Johnny,Bobby and Billy. Also , I recently heard that Pasquale DeVito has passed away , he owned a grocery store on Atlantic and Sherlock PL. I am trying to contact anyone of his children.

Re: Looking for old friends

antony how the hell r u its been wat 30 yrs. im fl. got 3 kids 3 grandkids. wat u been up to

Re: Looking for old friends

Hi Anthony,

There was an Anthony D'Angelis in my class. I was class of '64. Wondering if you're the same guy.

I saw one of Pat's daughter's at the last reunion of 2004. If I recall correctly, she said she was at the one in 2000 as well. So, she'll probably be at this one that's coming up in March.

Barbara Camisa

Hi anthony deangelis

Hi anthony, how are you...my name is madeline..my sister is maryjo...how are you..how's your family...how is your handsome brother thomas...i was at last two reunions...it was great...hoping to make this one...i am on facebook and have a bunch of pics and my sister and her family and vinny on there...moved to lancaster, pa about 15 yrs. ago...where are you guys...where does your bro. live...does he still work of LIRR..or did he retire...i have 2 girls from john salerno and i remarried anthony ciervo..dont know if you know him...write back to me on my email or facebook...thanks, madeline

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Are you Tommy's brother? Last time I saw him was in E. Northport where my father moved. That was in 1971!! How's he doing?


looking for class of '67 people..is anyone going to reunion..i was married to john salerno..

hi all...hoping to come to reunion and see all of my old friends...wonder if roseann ragno is gonna be there again...i know the photographer thats gonna be there and they are great and quite resonable..please look me up on facebook under madeline ciervo or madeline salerno or madeline agerenza...lol...would love to reminise..i'm also on myalex123@aol.com...my sis is maryjo and bro-in-law is vinny greco..we all live in lancaster, (amish country) p.a.

Re: Looking for old friends

My brother Johnny clarified to me that the Anthony I thought you might be is your cousin.

Re: Looking for old friends

anthony do you remenber me they called me Sallyboy class of66. Living in oceanside ny.