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Selden Cadets


I was the soloist for the Selden Cadets for many years. The Selden Cadets have re-emerged as an Alumni Corps, and we are looking for new members. We have performed recently at the Bugler's HAll of Fame I&E shows, and also at the Brigadiers Tournament of Stars Show. Our next performance will be at the Brooklyn United Show at KingsBourough College on Oct. 18th.

We invite any Loretto Knights members to join us in this fun activity and re-capture your youth and joy of playing again. Please contact us at: www.seldencadets.org and leave us a message on our website. You can also call me at 631-737-1636.

I look forward to hearing from any member of the Loretto Knights. We always enjoyed your performances back in the day. We rehearse at the Farmingville FireDept. on Horseblock Road every Thurs. eve. from 7-10pm. We will also be having rehearsals at a more centrally located site in Lindenhurst, near Massapequa. Please feel free to attend one of our rehearsals and check us out. Come join the fun!