Our Lady of Loreto

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Our Lady of Loreto
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Is it spelled Loretto or Loreto?

Is it spelled Loretto or Loreto?

Many people have questioned the proper spelling of Our Lady of Loreto

To solve the mystery as to the proper spelling of our beloved parish, I have contacted the Roman Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn for their opinion.

I have received the following message. (The answer is Loreto)

Dear Mr. Mondelli:

I'm sorry to say that our parish files provide no information as to the question of how many "T"s are in the name. My understanding has always been that it was Loreto, which incidentally is the way it is spelled in Italy.

Dr. Patrick McNamara
Assistant Archivist
R.C. Diocese of Brooklyn

Well, there you have it. The answer is Loreto. (One "T" )

Thank you

Re: Is it spelled Loretto or Loreto?

LORETO is correct as you have pointed out and as per my Baptismal Certificate is written.

Re: Is it spelled Loretto or Loreto?

The correct spelling is Loreto. Above the main doors of the school is where you would have found it.

Re: Is it spelled Loretto or Loreto?

But, all of the parishioners and kids that went to school pronounced it "Loretta" as in the woman's name. That's the way it sounded.

Glad to see a lot of "Yous" have finally gotten with the program and contributed to this wonderful website, thank God we have it, we may have lost "our school" but our spirit is still alive and well.

Re: Re: Is it spelled Loretto or Loreto?

Although Loreto is correct, the Saint depicted with a house in her outstretched hands, for all the time I went to the school (1950-1958) we always wrote Loretto and all books and correspondence had Loretto written on it.

Re: Is it spelled Loretto or Loreto?

when i attended o.l.of l. it was spelled loretto. so i don't know how we lost a "t". i graduated in 1954. sincerely, carol(apicella) susinno

Re: Is it spelled Loretto or Loreto?

I have noticed that on all the school class photos that I have posted on this website, they are spelling it Loretto.

Also, any documents sent form the church, the spelling is Loreto.

My only conclusion to this mystery is that the Church is named Loreto and the school is named Loretto.

You guess is as good as mine.