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The Official Catweazle Fan Club
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Hear Ye all Knights, Damsels, Serfs and Varlots

Hi Everybody,
We are just £290 short of making our first £5,000!!! This is a great start, and as this is now DEFINATELY going ahead I can't stress enough that the more money we raise, the greater the content of the festival. I have already been in contact with the fantastic falconry team that we had a few years back and they have said they would love to come along and perform two shows a day for us. So these will be one of the acts you will be donating towards for a starter! I am sure that all you that saw them at the Catweazle weekend would love to see them again but with much more on offer at the festival with more birds involved. We will also be looking at Jousting knights and enactments etc.for arena events. We are also looking at a massive marquee which will be dedicated to Catweazle and everything surrounding it.
Everyone is welcome to get in touch and have a chat about it or get in touch by email on You can say what you would like to see or include or perhaps you can bring something that you think would be great in the Catweaze tent. There will be security to protect things. Catweazle's thumbring, gown, shoes and Adamcos of course will probably be on show plus photos etc plus things of the era. etc. There is so much that everyone could get involved with and discuss to make it a truly memorable day. So please join us for what will be the most single important thing this club has ever done with regard to honouring and remembering our wonderful Catweazle and everyone surrounding it for 50 YEARS!!! It is a remarkable achievement, so as a member of the club, make your mark and cast your own spell by donating to the festival and being a part of it. Once again the go fund me page where we are raising the funds is
If you prefer to donate by other means please email me. Every penny counts.Your donation WILL make a difference.
Many many thanks to those both here and abroad who have donated so far - you've been brilliant.:kissing_heart: :kissing_heart: :frog:

Re: Hear Ye all Knights, Damsels, Serfs and Varlots

Thank you Sue, Alice and Matt for stepping up and donating straight away after my posting on the face book page. I do hope many of the other 500 plus on there take your lead and on here of course. This IS do-able, maybe not the whole £25000 but then that always DID include the sponsorships we hope to get. So once this £5000 is achieved, I know that we will start to build up the sequence of events that we will book and therefore gain people's confidence that this IS actually happening.

Re: Hear Ye all Knights, Damsels, Serfs and Varlots

Thank you the Mcweazlers! Jeff your donation with todays others means that we have raised a further £65 today - thank you all - that's brilliant. Let's keep the spirit of Catweazle and ALL those associated with it alive. If we managed this each day from all our members and admirers we would have this done in no time. Don't forget that anyone who would like to get involved in the committee for the 50th do come forward.