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Hello to all,
On the 25th I am travelling up to Liverpool for a meeting with a medieval re-enactor and the Ettinger brothers for our first meeting regarding the 50th anniversary event in 2020. We will discuss venues, dates and agenda - BUT my main concern will be of course the funding. Now I think I am right in saying that just 35 people have donated to the go fund me appeal and 4 of those people have donated £3000 by themselves which is astonishing to say the very least. Having said that the other 31 are just as warmly thanked for their donations and support. It is wonderful for me to see support for this memorial to tis fantastic and magical series and especially te people who created it for us. Now, because I am going up to this meeting I would REALLY like to give the fund a boost in the next week if I possibly can, I want to go there and say that we ave reached this so far and I want them to say well that's a great start. So please if I could just ask all those members who have not yet donated to support this event PLEASE do so now. It is so easy and you don't have to donate hundreds of pounds, just what you can afford or want to give. As I say SUPPORT is a very important motivation for me and the committee - it gives us the will to do as best we can for our members, it shows that we have you behind us. We do ave 1500 members and of course I do not expect EVERYONE to donate as I suspect many people only joined to get the membership pack. Also of course not everyone wants to get involved in things and have become disinterested especially as now our dear friends have passed away. The thing is though brothers and sisters it is PRECISELY because we wish to remember them and thank them and respect and share our love of Catweazle that we want to put this event on. So please can you go to
and donate what you can. Don't do it for me, do it for Kip, Geoffrey, Robin, Moray, Elspet, Neil, Bud, Peter Gary and all the wonderful people associated with it.
Salmay Dalmay Adonay and thank you xx


Hi Carol, yes let's all donate just £2 it's not even the price of a coffee is it?
So come on members do it for

Town/City Fair oak Hants

Country England


Thanks Mike,
Yes,whereas some people have been extremely generous, it just takes everyone to donate something small but if we have enough people doing it, it will mount up.