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Re: Catweazle Weekend

All taken on board Graham. Yes funding is low and subsidising at the moment is not an option. With the 50th coming up we also need to save funds for "50th Anniversary" merchandise. It will be simple, fun and hopefully a chance to have a chat with members informally or otherwise during the weekend. I hope that all members who are interested in what will be going on in the future will come along and talk to us and of course get interested and involved. We really need a committee for the event, so anyone who has shown an interest and is willing and wants to be involved please contact me. It will be difficult to organise everything on my own. The normal weekend is one thing, something open to the public and much larger is something else.
People have been to the Catweazle weekends many times so please tell us what you liked what you didn't, what you would like as Graham has suggested.
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Re: Catweazle Weekend

Thanks for getting back Carol,yes your quite right, what we need is now this thread has momentum other members join in, give your thoughts, ideas, suggestions, as I see things this club is reaching a critical phase, and for it to continue in the true love for celebrating Catweazle we need support, not just financial support, but in other ways perhaps you have a skill, maybe you paint, work with wood, metal, maybe you have a contact that could offer a service, it is sad that now we have lost Geoffrey and all the other great actors who I might add many came along unpaid each year to meet many Catweazle members, lets show our appreciation, and keep the magic fresh.

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Re: Catweazle Weekend

Hello Carol and all the other supporters of The Catweazle Fan Club.
In 2018 we can't be part of the Weazler's Weekend. We are very sad about that, but there is another date/meeting on June the 16th.
We wish all of you all the best in 2018 and a great time at Hexwood and whereever.
Best regards from Germany
Silvia & Markus
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Re: Catweazle Weekend

Greetings Markus and Silvia,
It is so good to hear from you and thank you so much for letting us know that you can't make this years event. However it was so good to see you both last year and we can not expect you to travel every year as that would be very expensive for you. It is so nice for you to stay in close contact though, that is much appreciated. I really hope you can save you pennies and come over in 2020 for the Catweazle Anniversary Festival, we would like as many people there as possible. It is estimated that with regard to the venues we have to choose from we could get 8,000 people attending - baring in mind this will be an event open to the public.
Have a wonderful year both and get in touch whenever you wish. xx