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Dearest Carol,

I read your post, and part of me shares your disappointment. On the other hand, some other part of me remembers the time, when I was at the university and often didn't know how to pay my monthly rent for my chamber, and doing odd jobs to keep the fridge at least partly filled. So maybe some of those fans would like to pay but don't know how. Be kind to them.

I am by no means rich, but I am far better off than I used to be. Anyway, I sent a little money to you, in the traditional way, via paypal. Do with it what you think is necessary to keep the magic alive.

Another thing: I am not connected to the media, but do you think it might be possible to get them into the boat? I seem to recall that the Catweazle Paperbacks were published by Penguin, and they roll in the stuff. Moreover, Catweazle was shown in so many countries by a lot of media stations, they might be interested in a feature film of the anniversary. Maybe some of you are connected?

Be that as it may: Never say die!!


Town/City Cologne

Country Germany


Sorry Marc, that does not wash with me, we are not asking for our members to donate hundreds here, as I said even a fiver would show willing. In fact anything would make the point that they are with us and supporting the club. How much is a packet of fags or a round of drinks? Forgo that just ONCE and you have made an effort, but more importantly you have shown your support. It doesn't even necessarily mean sending money. For example someone has written to me and said they aren't in a position to pay any money at the moment BUT he was willing to send a couple of posters that he has done. These are going into an auction we are working on at the moment and what we raise on those will be his donation - perfect. Another person has done a lovely little Catweazle doll that will also go into the auction. These people have got in touch and shown support and help even if it is not directly - that is most acceptable because they have shown their support and loyalty for the club. Also as I said the 50th is going to be filmed and made into a documentary, but ONLY IF we manage to get the money first! No point filming an event we can't raise the money for.
I know that some people are struggling and that some people are not in a position to donate a lot, but I think most members who have paid to join could afford something, after all they will have the opportunity to attend any enjoy it. The auction that I mentioned above will have some lovely personal items that used to belong to Geoffrey, I wonder if people will have enough money to bid on them? I think they will somehow.
If you have donated Marc - I thank you very much, as I say any donation is very acceptable indeed whatever it maybe. It's the number of people that donate that I am disappointed with not what they donate. Even though it says 39 people have donated in 2 months it is in fact much less because several people have donated more than once. So 20 out of 1500 is pretty low I think you will agree.


Many thanks to Melvyn and Pete for your recent donations brothers! (I will be doing your user name and password asap Pete)

I apologise if I sound overbearing, but I love Catweazle and I adored Geoffrey and I held a deep affection for Kip, Robin and all of our patrons and I am positive most of our members feel the same way. I am just asking our membership to show it. This anniversary is THE way of saying thank you, it's a way of being able to show just how good this program was and just how much it is still held in such high regard. It is a way to honour these people in a country wide way. It is an opportunity to finally get our message across. I repeat, I am not saying everyone has to give vast amounts, I am not saying that you HAVE to give regardless of your financial situation. I am trying to make you aware of what this could mean to your club, I am trying to make you remember and celebrate our lovely wonderful cast that we will endeavour to do them proud on this great anniversary. It is like NO other fan club would produce. I want those people that are getting excited about the prospect of this happening to get involved, give us ideas, join our committee even if it's via the phone rather than travelling. I am going up to Liverpool in September to have a meeting with potential sponsors - which is why I mentioned the club making an effort that I can SHOW them whilst asking for their help and backing.
We don't charge a yearly membership fee, we always subsidise our members each year to make the weekends go well. For example for every person that went to Brickendon in June this year the club paid £6 per person to cover the cost of having the place open up for us, to pay for the staff there etc. It's not just the food (which was wonderful I thought)that we have to pay for then there is vat to add, BUT my brothers and sisters, we do not have a bottomless pit, in fact with my merchandise supplier retiring from working, we aren't even getting any income from this at the moment, whilst I look for a replacement. Even so we are concentrating on the anniversary, rather than funding the club at the moment, I will see to that part if I have to and as I have done in the past. Even if we reach £2000 by September it will be a great effort, so please try to do what you can. Even if it's something like saving twenty pence pieces for a month and just donate that, or don't go to the pub one day and donate what you would have spent just that night to the cause. That's all it takes to show your support for the big bash and it gives me and the team the incentive to give it our all, so that it will be a great day, a day of fun, friendship, remembrance and a day of spreading our love and appreciation for Catweazle and its stars. - Thanks again to all those who have already donated, for it is YOU who are keeping the magic alive. I will be reporting back after the meeting of course to let people know the situation.
I am sorry I have not updated the news age yet - I am so involved with dealing with Geoffrey's estate that it's been difficult for me. I will do it very soon.