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The Official Catweazle Fan Club
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New Newsetter in members area.

Hi Everyone,
I have just put another newsletter in the members area about Geoffrey and his passing. I hope that you will all join in with his remembrance and the continuation of his legacy and love.
My resolve is to not let him go! This man deserves to be celebrated remembered, lauded, and to have happiness and magic spread in his name. That way we can say he still lives on in us, with us and is name will be seen all over the place. I want to know if all you people feel the same. I want to know that you feel as I do and that just because we can't get a reply from him, although we can still talk to him and feel his presence, we can continue his legacy and love. We can still have a club that recalls, relives and delights in the magic that he gave each and everyone of us, when we were kids. We can repay the wonder he gave us in that character by keeping that character going.
We are planning on doing a BIG Catweazle Weekend for the 50th anniversary - not just for the membership, but for the public in general. This will be in the guise of  Hexwood 1066 on the Saturday and this will be a day of medieval mayhem. Then on the Sunday a Seventies Spectacular when he arrived in our time. Now in order to do this justice and to make it a wonderful weekend not just for us but for Geoffrey, Kip, Robin, Neil, Bud, Moray, Elspet etc. we need each and everyone of our members help. This needs a lot of money and we need to get it as fast as we can because although the anniversary is in 2020. We need to have raised the money by the middle of next year so that acts and bands etc can be booked in advance - some are already booked years in advance, so we do need to move quickly. For all the people who are attending the weekend we will be going into further detail and then we can report the discussion back here. If ANYONE in the club feels that they would like to be part of the committee on this or things they have a role to play - for example are you a builder or a carpenter or a seamstress or sign writer or anything that you think would be useful in a medieval or seventies situation PLEASE do get in touch. Plans are afoot to have this weekend made into a documentary which would of course be wonderful exposure for us. If anyone knows of any sponsors that may be interested - let us know as we are looking for them. We have the film people interested in helping us. We also have Marc who is a member and a re-enactor  who is helping us enormously with his various contacts. We have had some really generous donations so far and I thank you all so very much for your kindness, but we have a long way to go. I know that Geoffrey Kip and Robin, in fact all the cast would have LOVED to have been there for this, so let's make them proud. I am totally convinced they will be with us on the day - IF we make it so. You can donate on the go fund me website