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We have 1,500 members alone let alone the hundreds of fans that aren't members. I am asking every member (apart from those that have already given of course) to donate just £10 to the Catweazle 50th big event,(which is half the cost of a renewed membership). If everyone did that we would immediately make £15,000 - This IS an achievable target if all members and supporters did their bit. Catweazle, Geoffrey, Kip, Robin, Moray, Elspet, Neil and ALL the cast no departed are worth it don't you think??? This event may well be filmed and made into a documentary I have been told - so I am appealing to everyone to do their bit please. This is going to take a lot of work and I am prepared to work and do whatever it takes to make tis work - but I NEED your help and support, both North and South. We are approaching someone near Liverpool to see if we can use their beautiful grounds to hold this event so that it is as near the middle of the country to encourage members and people from all corners of the country and Europe if possible - you would all be welcome.

Re: 1,500 Members

Hi Carol,
How, where can I contribute?
Do you take credit cards?

BY the way, the tribute post you wrote for Mr. Bayldon is outstanding !


Town/City USA

Re: 1,500 Members

Thank you Adara
The link to the donation page is:

Re: 1,500 Members

Dare it be for me of all people to raise this point but wouldn't it be a good idea to create some kind of promotional video about the gofundme page for Youtube?

Surely, in this instance, the more people who know about this the better the chance we have of making it a reality. If some kind of short promo could be put together club members could share it on their social media pages, post it on forums, news feeds etc, etc.

We all loved Geoffrey and the rest of the cast dearly but many today are unaware of the programme. 'Catweazle' has such magic about it that I'm sure it still has what it takes to attract new fans. To raise 25,000 is quite a task these days because news moves on so swiftly and so you need something short, interesting and intriguing that can be shared and that will keep 'popping up' in people's timelines etc to remind people to get involved and donate.

Vince must have some good footage of Geoffrey that would not infringe copyright and perhaps someone famous (who was a fan or friend of Geoffrey's?) could be found that would be prepared to voice the ad for free?

I'm just fishing here but you get the idea..

Hope this helps and is welcome.

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Re: 1,500 Members

Hatweazle as you call yourself, having read through the comments and earlier postings, yes you do have a valid point, social media can present many benefits, and certainly reach a wider spectrum, however as I see things to do what you suggest making a promotional video for youtube etc would cost money. We as a club are trying to raise money from the existing and new members and to do that certain ethics and criteria must be met such as copyright. You mention maybe Vince has some video footage, I'm sure he has, this is my point Vince has worked on at least 3 location dvd's which has raised funds, to which I add he has never charged for his time, you then saw fit to put your own video on youtube against the clubs wishes, it may have been okay if you had permission and what you had said was correct, I work with a small team of dedicted people along with Carol who sometimes I don't always see eye to eye with, but we work towards a club for all it's members to enjoy, as with any club the few subsidise the many and we can only appeal to people's generosity. This is a forum for having your say, and I have no wish to turn this thread into anything that is love for Catweazle, it is truely a sad time that we have lost Geoffrey, but if you loved Geoffrey and Catweazle as you say you do then maybe donate something to the gofundme page, I can recall you received free membership from the club, we welcomed you, now is your chance, regards Graham.

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Re: 1,500 Members

I too do not want to create any nastiness on here nor do I wish to re-open old wounds.

All I was really trying to do was suggest that Vince could put together a short but poignant video with either a narrative or captions using his own existing footage from the Hexwood meetings (so there would not be a copyright issue) to raise the profile of the gofundme campaign and quite possibly attract more paying members to the club.

As you say, Vince has contributed a great deal in time and effort to the cause over the years ( thank you Vince!) and that is why I am sure he would not mind doing so for free again now. A simple video would not take long to put together but could do a lot of good...

Anyway, I will drop the subject now and leave it with you.

Best regards,


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Re: 1,500 Members

The point I am trying to make on this thread with the heading of 1500 members is that we want YOU as a member of the club to contribute by donating. Have you donated anything to the go fund me yet? Have you donated to any of our fundraising projects at all in the past? Videos should not really be needed but I am happy to hear any ideas from anyone as to how to raise funds. But te simple fact is that we would immediately raise £15,000 if everybody including yourself Tony would donate £10 to the fund. THAT is what I want to see. It is quick, it is direct it shows loyalty and commitment, it shows support and dedication to the series and indeed to the Catweazle Fan Club. It shows solidarity and agreement wit what we are trying to do and achieve, and ALL can join in when the event is set. Why don't you put all your 20p's in a jar for a month or two and then send that in or something like that. I personally will be putting a donation in each month from my wages. I will be writing for sponsors I will be phoning emailing, seeing, and talking to people and companies etc. I will be working as hard as I possibly can over the next two years to remember the series and man and indeed people that I have loved since my childhood. I will strive to keep the magic for everyone concerned. If you want the same as I do, to keep these glorious memories alive and keep the people who gave them to us in our hearts and mind then please DONATE first before ANYTHING else. That is the most important thing. Look at yourself first and then you can say, well I have donated, I want it to succeed and I want to help to achieve it. No ideas will be discarded out of hand of course - BUT do the practical thing first THAT alone will encourage others as the fund grows. BIG BIG THANKS to everyone who has donated so far - truly thou art Catweazle's loyal brothers and sisters in magic!