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The Official Catweazle Fan Club
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Catweazle big event!

As you know we were starting to prepare early(as you must with such things)the 50th anniversary bash in 2020 to commemorate the first showing of Catweazle. Well with the sad passing of our very dear Geoffrey, we have seen and extraordinary out pouring of love and affection for him and especially Catweazle. I have had a few discussions with some of the committee and although we are going to discuss it at the Catweazle Weekend, we want to kick start things. Rather than explain it all on here please go to this link

and take a look at what we think will be an amazing weekend. I will of course be talking more about the details of the days to our members both on the website and at the weekend. It is an opportunity to have a wonderful time, meet new Catweazle lovers, remember our beloved cast and more important keep the magic going. Please take a look and read the go fund me page and helps us achieve a fantastic event.

Craig and I as you will probably know are doing the arrangements for Geoffrey and we have been delayed a bit by the hospital, so I cannot say too much at this time about the unbelievably sad passing of Geffers. This is not the place to discuss it, but we do want to thank you all so very much for your messages of love and condolences. This marvellous man and actor deserves to and WILL live on in all of us if we have the will and want to and I for one want to VERY MUCH! Please join me. I will look forward to seeing all of the members that are coming to the weekend in June
Salmay Dalmay Adonay and much magic to you all. xxx

Re: Catweazle big event!

If you have trouble with the link please google Go fund me and put Geoffrey Bayldon in the search box. Please visit and donate as much as you can - we want him to be proud of us and if we can raise the money it will be a great weekend for everybody, not just members AND we will try to have it in the middle of the country rather than down south where it was filmed. So appealing to fans and members alike to help make this happen.

Re: Catweazle big event!

Please donate what you can.

Re: Catweazle big event!

It looks like we have had over 140 views on this. I would like to think that all 140 would go and donate something if you can. It doesn't have to be a large amount but please give us your support, we work hard to bring you as much as we can to keep the magic that we all love alive. Show the cast that gave us so much fun and memories that we are trying to return that fun and love to them and commemorating them - we can't do it alone. - Thank you.
A huge thank you to all those lovely kind people that believe in what we are doing and have given generously so far, you are our true and loyal brothers and sisters in magic and I will look forward to having a wonderful weekend with you all - "believe in magic" and it WILL HAPPEN!
Blessings to you all xxxxx