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Fantastic weekend

What can I say , we have just spent two fantastic days with our brilliant fanclub, firstly at Home farm on Saturday which also the East clandon village fete taking place as usual within the farm, it was so great to see all the other club members that could get there and some that have travelled from Germany and Switzerland.

Early evening saw us all gather at a village hall where we all had a great meal , drinks and an evening of entertainment.

Sunday saw us all gather at Collingford stately home were a treasure hunt was arranged for us , which was of such high quality and presented by a host who you could be forgiven for mistaking as a TV personality, lunch was superb and joining us for a couple of hours was our very own Geoffrey Bayldon ( catweazle himself) and also Moray Watson ( Lord Collingford ) .

As usual Carol exceeded all expectations in all aspects of both days,

From Kelly and myself, thank-you Carol , next year can't come quick enough.


Country United Kingdom

Re: Fantastic weekend

Have to agree with Phil and Kelly. We have enjoyed some wonderous weekends with our Catweazle friends, but this was definitely one of the the best.

Thanks Carol you have done it again.

Julie, Millie, Bebe and Marnie

Town/City GRAYS

Country United Kingdom

Re: Fantastic weekend

Here here! We had a great day Saturday at the East Clandon Fete and Evening Shindig.

This was the first time we attended and joined by our friends Martin, Jo, Richard, Lesley and Dave and Carol (aka Team B), we all had great fun with the quiz, music, dancing and meeting fellow Catweazle fans!

A huge thank you to Carol for giving us a fantastic day and we love The Book of Rapkyn!

The magic of Catweazle lives strong!

Andrew & Jacqui

Town/City Tadworth

Country UK

Re: Fantastic weekend

This would have been my 10th consecutive visit and I was gutted not to be able to attend, but for various reasons it just wasn't possible this year. I was certainly with you in spirit though! My mother had a fall recently and spent time in hospital - she's now back home and doing well, but I could hardly leave her on her own to look after two demanding cats, plus the fact that at the moment I'm walking around like a Dutch Doll with a stiff back, which has "clipped my wings" somewhat. So my one chance to see dear old Geoffrey again, and the rest of my good friends of course, has now been and gone. Better luck next year! I'm sure you all had a great time. If anyone has any interesting photos they can email to me, I'd be really grateful.
Love to all,

Town/City Shipley

Country United Kingdom

Re: Fantastic weekend

Good to hear from you Wendy....hope your back gets better soon and that all goes well with your Mum...and the cats ! I look forward to seeing you next year.
I also missed seeing Greyweazle, David W. and Alan from Birmingham...hope alls well with you guys and that we get to meet up again at some point in the future.
I just wanted to say what a splendid time I had at "Hexwood"on Saturday and also at the evening "Do" at the Village Hall. It was great to see many familiar faces once again and to meet some new Weazlers.
Many thanks to Carol and everyone else who helped with making the day a success and the next time anyone hears me say to Quizmistress Carol that "we don't need clue sheets with the anagrams of band names", please consult Rapkyn and do your worst !!
A big thank you also goes to the Masterchef contestants who rustled up a tasty evening snack with virtually no utensils to speak of !...and lastly, thanks to Vince...sorry I could only stay for a couple of your tunes before heading off home.
For those of you that had to put up with me droning on and on about WW2 aircraft, I apologise, but I'm sure the sight of 4 Spitfires overflying the fete not once but twice was appreciated by all. There was a final formation of 4 aircraft that went over towards the end of the fete (well after the Spits), these were (as I have now discovered) Russian Yak 52's. I wanted to include this bit of info as on the day I was completely stumped and unable to tell people who asked what the planes were.
I'm sure that you all had a brilliant time on Sunday and hope that Boozeweazle was able to give Geoffrey a hug on my behalf as promised.
Love to all

Town/City Edge of Exmoor

Country England

Re: Fantastic weekend

Cheers Doug - I missed you! I'm not in agony with the back but it's just stiff and uncomfortable and slowing me up somewhat at the moment. Not the only one I'm sure! It'll sort itself out eventually. Mum is doing very well - she will be 100 on Tuesday so we're busy organising a cake, flowers etc. and will probably arrange a meal out at some point. I've already had a voicemail from the DWP saying that the card from Her Majesty will be delivered on the day - looking forward to seeing that! Meanwhile, here's to all things Catweazley, and may the magic be with us all.
Salmay, Dalmay, Adonay!!

Town/City Shipley

Country United Kingdom

Re: Fantastic weekend

After a rather stressful week we finally make it into the forum. It was a wonderful weekend in the UK and the long journey from Germany was worth every bit! We didn’t know quite what to expect from the meetings, having come to be Catweazle fans only recently. But we fell in love with the series instantly, and now this happened again with you guys :) You are a bunch of great people! Thanks a lot for welcoming us so warmly!
We had a lot of fun – and thanks to the A Team on Saturday evening for tolerating our ignorance of UK’s 70s TV. And although we made the sixth place in the treasure hunt, our carrot was surely the best!
A very big thank you to Carol for being so helpful in the preparation of the trip and for the brilliant organization of the weekend. Apart from walking around the locations of the filming, the highlight was to see the one and only Catweazle Geoffrey in the flesh and to meet Moray. Bless them for their effort to come!
We guess, it will not be the last time for you to see us at a fan club meeting!
All the best, Petra and Martin

Town/City Hildesheim

Country Germany

Re: Fantastic weekend

It was so lovely to meet you both too! I am always amazed that people such as yourselves come such long distances and pay such a lot of money to come to the Catweazle weekends. So it is important to us that you have a good time. You were both brilliant at joining in with the fun and immediately became "one of the family" So a big thank you from me for your support and friendship. Here's to the next meeting!