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Re: Book of Rapkyn and Catweazle Sticker Album

Thanks for posting Liz- I was about to ask the same questions. Would be great to have details of how to purchase both and maybe add a bit extra towards the chair.

Town/City London

Country Uk

Re: Book of Rapkyn and Catweazle Sticker Album

Hi everyone,
Just a few notes about these items for you. The sticker albums were advertised in the newsletter before last. I did ask then that if anyone was interested in ordering them, to please let me know. As we have only produced a limited number we are not advertising them on the website. The reason being that we can not produce large numbers of merchandise due firstly, to the fact the up front cost this entails is too much for us. Plus we can never gauge people's response to these things. This is why we ask people to get in touch with us. Originally we were just going to sell them at the Catweazle weekend, but decided to just sell the remainder if there were any.
The Book Of Rapkyn again will not be advertised on the website. Again there are only 20 books done. This was a project done entirely by hand and it has taken a long time to do because of that fact. We needed a certain amount of money and I thought this would be a good idea to raise it. Plus once again I had no idea if anyone would like or want one, so doing large quantities was have been very disheartening and expensive for me to do if they didn't sell.
If I can get a picture of some of the pages put on the website, I will, although everyone is so busy at the moment.
The book basically is about what you need as a young mage - like the witch knife, hag stone, pendulum etc etc. . It also tells of the dragons of albion and their riders, it lets you know about the sacred trees, shows you alchemy signs, gives you a couple of scrying exercises, tells you about the herbs, the fairy folk,gives you some incantations to protect you in certain situations, it has Merlin's recipe for making a salve and mead! It also includes little things like amulets, talisman, a training wand! It's all from my own imagination (and some help with folklore from the internet!!)There is about 36 pages (72 sides)altogether. I could have gone on but perhaps that might come later if these are well received I don't know.
I hope that helps. The cost will be dependant on it's final weight as it will affect the postage costs. But it will generally be in the region of £25 plus postage like the sticker album.

Re: Book of Rapkyn and Catweazle Sticker Album

Thank you Carol. Sorry I missed the Sticker Album advert on a previous email. Again, if there are any spare copies of either the Album and/or the Book of Rapkyn, I am quite prepared to pay for both if they are available.

Town/City New Milton

Country UK

Re: Book of Rapkyn and Catweazle Sticker Album

Hi Liz
You shall go on my list and I will contact you as soon as I can. I am so caught up with the Catweazle weekend as well as trying to answer emails etc. and helping with Geoffrey and working too, it's all getting a bit out of hand. But thankyou for your interest and at the moment I am sure you will get one. At the weekend I can try and get my lists sorted and send off those who have paid etc. and I can then see what is left for sale.