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The Place where fellow Catweazle Fans can get together and discuss anything and everything that is Catweazle or The Catweazle Fan Club and MOST of all make New Friends that have yourself and Catweazle in common, as most of the members know The Catweazle Fan Club was born out of Friendship.

So let`s try and keep the The Catweazle Fan Club in the  tradition it was first Started


Any thread (or answers) containing an Adult Nature (including  links to other Web-Sites)   , Bad Language, Spam or  Items for Sale and that also includes eBay Items will be Removed A.S.A.P.

If the person/persons persist putting the above threads on this Forum a Ban Will Follow.

Let`s keep Catweazle the way it was back in 1970 in a word "Innocent"

The Official Catweazle Fan Club
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The Special Catweazle Auction is now on the website!

All proceeds go towards the Catweazle bust erected earlier this year at Brickendon. Please go to 'Bring Back Catweazle' to make a donation towards the bust as we are still short of our target to pay for it!..

To enter your bid for an item in the auction: Go to the home page and find the 'VIEW SPECIAL CATWEAZLE AUCTION' button at the top of the cave. If the 'VIEW SPECIAL CATWEAZLE AUCTION' button isn't there-refresh your browser and re-load the page when (as if by magic) it should appear!

Enter your highest bid by clicking on 'Make a bid by e-mail' for the item you are interested in. Enter the maximum amount you are prepared to make for the item, the name of the item you wish to bid on and your name and membership number in the subject field. Please note that all winning bids must be honoured.

Your bid will be e-mailed to Carol Barnes who will notify that your bid has been lodged for the item of your choice.
Apologies, we cannot notify you if you have been outbid, so choose the maximum amount you are willing to pay carefully!

The auction closes on midday October 31st. No bids will be accepted after this time. All winning bidders will be notified by Carol on Saturday 1st November by e-mail.

All the items in this special auction are not to be found ANYWHERE ELSE in the WORLD! These are unique items made especially for OUR club and are complete one-offs that would make an essential addition to ANY Catweazle fan's collection.

Postage for your item will be calculated depending on where you are in the world. Where applicable, exchange rates calculated at time of Auction ending.