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Re: Richard Carpenter

Hi Karon
I would personally LOVE to add a tree or two and I will be happy to ask other members to do the same. It would be great to make the area much bigger if it is possible, and a lovely place to visit. You would be most welcome to join us of course. Would you like to email me on
with any information about the Kip's Wood project, where it is what we can do and how to do it etc. I will put it on our newsletter which is going out in the next week or two.
Best Wishes

Re: richard carpenter kip

How right you are John and indeed everyone. I do believe he was a very special and superior writer and a splendid man as well. All at the club can be very proud, that you all helped to show him just how much he was thought of and indeed how utterly brilliant Catweazle was. It must have made him very pleased to see that his creation was revered so much and still so after so many years. I have to say that when I was told on Sunday, I was working on this years event and everything seemed to just drain away from me. Such a huge blow seemed hard to recover from. But I have to say that after constantly thinking of him in the two days that have followed, I have gradually thought - No we mustn't let things slip, we must go on bigger and better for his sake and for Annie's, for Robin's sake, for all those wonderful people who have left us that have brought us so much enjoyment and hopefully will continue with us all at the club, and for all the new people that will be introduced to Catweazle in the future. Perhaps now more than ever. The show WILL most definately go on. I am sure that everyone who enjoys being part of the club will agree.I want to make those who have left us and indeed those still with us, all proud of what they mean to everyone, I want to make people that aren't aware of him and his creation, become fully aware of it! Everyone has their own thoughts on this subject, but personally I believe that although we can no longer talk to these people and can no longer have the pleasure of physically seeing them and conversing with them. I believe that somewhere they are still there, still seeing, still listening and watching, and I will carry on with that firmly in my mind.
I hope you will all gather with us in June and make it a great weekend where we will be celebrating an extraordinary man and series. God Bless you Kip, stay with us on the continuing journey through time!

Re: richard carpenter kip

Richard will be sadly missed by all,It's been a very big shock but many great words will be spoken for a very Great Man.
My condolence's go out to Annie and all of Richards family.
R.I.P. Richard...

Town/City Blackburn

Re: richard carpenter kip

I would just like add my voice to those saddened by Richard's passing, he was such a wonderful man. My thoughts of him are filled with his smiling face, he has left behind a great legacy and the fact that there are so many fans of his work is testament to this. Rest in peace Kip Carpenter.

Re: richard carpenter kip

so sad to hear this news of a man who had a huge talent and had total respect from the catweazlefanclub, im thinking of his family and wish them well and also alfie, i alwa looked forward to meeting richard in june every year and this year i will celebrate his life as im sure we all will.

Town/City marlow, bucks

Re: richard carpenter kip

There's not a great deal I can say that hasn't already been said by other members, except to say that I was devastated by this awful news, and my thoughts and prayers are with lovely Annie and the family. I first met Richard in 2006 on my very first Catweazle weekend, and I remember thinking what a friendly and unassuming person he was, with absolutely no pretensions or snobbishness at all. I just went for a quick autograph, and he started chatting to me as if he had known me for years. Of course I met both him and Annie at subsequent events, and it was such a pleasure to be in their company. The truly talented ones are always the most modest. Sad though we are, we must keep our happy memories of Richard alive, and in this way we will never lose him - just as we have done with our beloved Robin. As you so rightly say Carol, the show must go on, as Richard would have wanted it to, and our club will go from strength to strength. God bless, Richard - you'll always be with us in spirit.

Town/City Shipley, West Yorkshire

Country England

Re: Richard Carpenter - Kip

My first meeting with Richard and Annie came in 2008 and remember sitting with them in The Queens Head after the fete and just chatting as you would with any of your dearest friends.
When they had to leave, I was given the warmest of hugs and kisses from both. So lovely.

A nicer man you couldn't wish to meet. I don't think I can put anything else on here that others don't already know about him but what I will put is a link that was given to me by another club member and written by someone who follows The Catweazle Club profile on Twitter.

Goodbye Richard. Thank you for the wonderful memories and say hello to Robin for me. R.I.P

Sue xx

Town/City Fareham

Country United Kingdom

Re: richard carpenter kip

We just heard the sad news of Richard.
Our sincere condolences to his family and friends.
When we met him at Hexwood and at Brickendonbury,
he was very kind and it was a pleasure chatting with him. He was proud that so many people come together
year after year to celebrate Catweazle and his work.
He did not only answer questions, he was interested in his fans as well and he loved talking about the filming of Catweazle. We will never forget him.
Jürgen, Sandra and Elkin

Town/City Wetzlar

Country Germany

Re: richard carpenter kip

I was shocked and saddened to hear the news about our beloved Kip. My immediate thoughts turned to Annie to whom I send my heartfelt condolences. I count myself fortunate to have spent time over the years at Hexwood, chatting with the creator of 2 of my favourite TV shows of all time...Catweazle and Robin Of Sherwood...and having been able to thank him in person for these shows which have always meant so much to me. He was always so friendly and interested in what you had to say or ask........a truly wonderful man who will be greatly missed but never forgotten.

Town/City Exmoor

Country England

Re: richard carpenter kip

What sad news, our deepest sympathy to Richards family at this time. A gifted talent as the treasures he created show . I met Richard at Brickendon last year, but felt i had known him years. what a gent greatly missed by us all im sure ,but never forgotten.x

Town/City FAIR OAK


Re: richard carpenter kip

Very sad.
The same feeling when Robin Davies died.
Again I ask myself: why now?

My condolences to his family.

Re: richard carpenter kip

Hello Jurgen, I probably feel like all the other members, "WHY", why was this great man taken from us right at the point that he would eventualy see his dream come true,we are all feeling the pain and sadness that Annie and the family are going through, that is because at the Catweazle Club it is run as a family, we share the good times as well as the sad.Your feelings are shared, why was Robin taken at such a young age? we don't have an answer, but we do have the wonderful memories left us by Richard for us to enjoy and keep alive, let us lift up our spirits and keep Catweazle as Richard would have liked it, we must not forget poor Geoffrey he has lost a dear friend, as Carol said the show must go on.

Town/City Southampton UK

Country UK

Re: richard carpenter kip

I wept when I heard the news. I loved the man. Even tho I didn't know him hugely in person, his spirit was seared into mine because of the love I had for his creations. We are all unique, but he was a genuine one off and a gift to all who were touched by his works - which is an awful lot of people! Technology can be cold and cruel, but it can also bring people together. Writing to each other by email, or even the birth of the club on the Internet, are both excellent examples. Kip's triumph was to take the new medium of TV and infuse it with an innocent charm, wonder and magic that came from a previous age. Without him there would have been a gaping hole in our culture. In my opinion - he had to exist - the universe simply demanded it.

I've got to be honest and say that I am not one bit surprised that he has not been given greater recognition. I'd rate him as one of the most important fiction writers of the last century, but the fact this passes most people by doesn't surprise me. And I think the reason he isn't more widely recognised and appreciated is all part and parcel of why we can believe he is so important. Because what he did runs against the spirit of the age. This is his value, and also part of the price he paid in anonymity. He didn't sell out - but he knew we loved him which I'm sure is what he really cared about rather than the opinion of the world at large, even if further recognition would have been nice, and was definitely what he deserved and what he was owed. At least he got his Bafta.

Carol and Gary and everyone did a huge amount for him to feel valued and loved for his work. That's no small thing. I think we can all be very proud. And we are all going to have one hell of a reunion on the other side!


Town/City Glasgow

Country UK

Re: richard carpenter kip

Hello Graham.
Yes you are right. The show must go on.

Richard Carpenter thanked me personally for helping to keep the spirit of Catweazle alive with my board game.
This meant an awful lot to me and has been a great motivation to continue.

Town/City Kassel

Country Germany

Re: richard carpenter kip

Catweazle was made before I was born. I have YouTube to thank for enlightening me on the quality kids shows of the late 60's & early 70's. It was 'Robin of Sherwood' that first introduced me to 'Kip' Carpenter's talent. British TV writers seemed to have a great interest in ancient folklore at the time: Fat chance finding shows like 'Catweazle,' 'Children of the Stones,' 'Escape into Night,' & 'The Moon Stallion' for today's kids. Fantasy shows today seem to be just straight fantasy, with very little reference to actual folklore history (Discworld & Harry Potter being arguable exceptions).

Admittedly many of the kid shows done in the late 60's & 70's would be considered a bit on the cheesy side today, but the writing and storylines still hold up even if their "special FX" do not.

On a totally different tangent, I also mourn the loss of Cosgrove Hall animation, the UK's biggest animation studio. To me that's like Disney Feature Animation shutting down.

Seems like the suits are squashing all the magic out there. TV producers/writers of Richard Carpenter's calibre are a vanishing breed. He will be sorely missed.

Town/City San Francisco Bay Area

Country USA

Re: richard carpenter kip

Heather you are right, I consider myself so very lucky to have been born when I was. To see all those wonderful childrens programs that we grew up with, that left such a mark and wonderful memories and adventures in our minds and such that we were allowed to wholeheartedly get into without any fears or restrictions of health and safety, political correctness and the like. I mourn for those times along with the passing of the man that made it all possible.