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The Place where fellow Catweazle Fans can get together and discuss anything and everything that is Catweazle or The Catweazle Fan Club and MOST of all make New Friends that have yourself and Catweazle in common, as most of the members know The Catweazle Fan Club was born out of Friendship.

So let`s try and keep the The Catweazle Fan Club in the  tradition it was first Started


Any thread (or answers) containing an Adult Nature (including  links to other Web-Sites)   , Bad Language, Spam or  Items for Sale and that also includes eBay Items will be Removed A.S.A.P.

If the person/persons persist putting the above threads on this Forum a Ban Will Follow.

Let`s keep Catweazle the way it was back in 1970 in a word "Innocent"

The Official Catweazle Fan Club
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Hello All
I hope everyone has received their newsletter by now. If you haven't received one and you are still on the email address when you joined, PLEASE let us know and we will send it to you (please give your membership number)
Several people do change their address and don't tell us and therefore the newsletter won't arrive.
Please give feed back if you wish.

Re: Newsletter

Hi Carol It looks like you all had a good time, sorry we wern't able to come this year, hopefully we will next year, it sounds like it will be fun.
Did you raffle off the Catweazle doll I made? How is your ankle hope you are getting better.
The bust looks wonderful, thanks to you and everyone for all the great work behind the scenes.

Town/City truro

Country cornwall