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Re: Wonderful Weekend 2014

Wendy you have said it all, what a great week end, great weather and great company, thank-you for your kind comments of appreciation, this must have been our 6th or 7th year we have teamed up, long may it continue, I must just say I was blown back with the bust, Carol offered to email me a sneak preveiw a while back, but I said no it would spoil it on the day,mighty glad because it was so perfect in every detail, great location, great atmosphere, a woderful tribute to Geoffrey and Kip, Carol knows I was a little skeptical on this project, mainly because of the cost, however I take my hat off to her for her determination in achieving this mile stone for our club. I would also like to welcome all our new members, great to have you onboard, please feel free to use the forum or contact us direct if you have any comments or requests that you would like to see, incidentally we have on a couple of occasions run a series one film location tour which has been well supported, if there are any new members and I emphasize new members at this stage who might be interested in a tour next year then let us know, always at this stage we don't know the dates as yet, it's normaly around december/january time.we find the dates for Hexwood, I n the mean time I thoroughly recomend the location series1/2/3 DVD's produced by Vince Cox they are available through the shop, well worth adding to your collection.

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Re: Wonderful Weekend 2014

I echo the sentiments of everyone so far. Another brilliant and successful, if not more low key,weekend. Those who chose not to come or simply just didn't turn up, missed out on witnessing the great man himself unveiling a wonderful bust of himself.
Well done Carol for making it happen sometimes in the face of adversity. You persevered and it paid off beautifully.
Thank you Roger for capturing Catweazle at his lovable best. You must be absolutely thrilled with the reaction you got when your masterpiece was revealed and certainly the compliments you have received since.

It's hard for me to pinpoint exactly which is the best part of a Catweazle weekend for me. Ian Baker and myself were talking about it on the way to Brickendon but what comes out most is the people we get to see every year. Such a lovely group and always good laughs. Over far too quickly and then a few tears when it's time to part again. Just wish there had been more of you this year.

It's always good to be at the farm each year and imagine what it would have been like to be there at the time of filming. With Graham Fowler and David Shillingford there, we had a little insight to it all and we hope they come back next year. They did express they would like to.

Great to see Vicki Michelle come along for an informal visit and stay for our evening Barn Dance. She certainly seemed to be enjoying herself dancing away.

Good to see new members - Alan and Alys. Alan I have spoken to you on FB but nice to meet you at last. There were others but sorry I didn't get to meet you so I didn't get your names.

Steve Furber, great to meet you after a chance encounter.

My grateful thanks go out to Graham for picking me up at the station, Jeff and Alice for the lifts for Kat and myself and for the long chat up until well after midnight in hotel bar Friday night. Alice, we must do our project ( secret for now)

Mike and Julia, always lovely to meet up with you. We live so close, we should do something more often.

I hope I haven't forgotten anyone, so sorry if I have.

Let's all try and keep in touch until we meet again.

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Re: Wonderful Weekend 2014

Hello All !! was lovely to see you all at Hexwood on Saturday and I was delighted to go home with a small piece of the barn, which has been added to Catweazle Corner !! It seems that Sunday was quite a day and I hope to see photos of it all, as the bust sounds amazing. So pleased to hear that Geoffrey was on good form. He is such a grand fellow.
It was great talking to David and Graham and hearing their recollections of filming the show. Thank you both for being so forthcoming and patient with all the signatures. Hope you can both come along next year....driving home,there were loads of questions that I should have asked, that popped into my head...must write them down. One question was whether Lulu the tractor was on the farm to start with or whether it was hired in ? I've tried tracing it but had no luck. Even the chap who runs the Massey-Ferguson archive wasn't able to help. Any clues might help......who knows, it may still be a "runner" ?
Thanks also to Vicki Michelle for being so very patient with all the photos and chatting happily about 'Allo 'Allo.
I was talking to Ian (Boozeweazle)and we couldn't believe it was the 8th year we had both been to Hexwood. We met for the first time in a long queue to get into the Marquee back in 2007 and found we had got such a lot in common, besides Catweazle.
I find that although a year may have passed since we last spoke the conversation slips straight back into those of old friends who had only last spoken the previous day. I think all the club members that I've met over the years have similar personality traits to my own and share a like minded outlook on life in general.....the Catweazle Effect perhaps ??!!
Finally a big thank you, as always, to all those who work so hard to put on these events for us know who you are and you're all brilliant !!
Love and hugs to all

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Re: Wonderful Weekend 2014

Sue....many thanks for sending me some photos from Sunday....I'm quite lost for words as to how good the bust of Geoffrey is....simply superb...what a lasting tribute that will be.

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