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Catweazle Weekend 2014

Apologies once again for the long delay in getting the information out to you by newsletter etc. But, as you all know our main priority this year is getting the Catweazle Tribute to Geoffrey and Richard done for the weekend in June. We have hit so much red tape and delays it's been a nightmare. We SHOULD be getting a definate answer next Tuesday as a meeting is being held with curators and if they agree, we will have a site to put him and this will be a large part of our weekend.
I can let you know this though, so that you can get booking hotels etc. if you wish -
The weekend will be on the 14th and 15th June, with our usual day at the farm and then we will be holding a CatWeazle Surfs and Peasants Barn Dance on the Saturday evening with a fish and chip supper and a live band. We can't hold it in the actual Hexwood Barn sadly, for many reasons - one of which it is not big enough or safe enough floor wise! It is however only about 9 mins. along the main road from the farm, so not far too travel. Sunday will be the unveiling (fingers crossed and if we raise the remainder of the funds needed) The rest of the event I will let you know in the newsletter which hopefully will come out next week after this last meeting!
If all goes according to plan and the weather is kind this year it should be a very good year!!

Re: Catweazle Weekend 2014

Hi Carol do you happen to know where the majority of weazlers are booked in to for the club weekend.

cheers boozeweazle

Town/City north scarle

Country uk

Re: Catweazle Weekend 2014

Hi Ian,
No I don't I'm afraid. I think Graham is at the Preston Cross.
If anyone has already booked, perhaps it would be helpful to others to know if there are rooms available where they have booked. So if you have booked please put your hotel down here and maybe some others will join you.

Re: Catweazle Weekend 2014

Hi Ian

I shall again be in the Horsley De Vere this year.

Sue x

Town/City Fareham

Re: Catweazle Weekend 2014

I'm at the Preston Cross too, so that's at least two of us. Don't know about availability of rooms at this stage - Graham probably will though.

Town/City Shipley, West Yorkshire

Country England

Re: Catweazle Weekend 2014

Hi Ian I think the Prestn cross still has rooms try logging onto hope this is of help.

Town/City southampton

Re: Catweazle Weekend 2014

How much do we need to raise? How much are we out standing to total please.

Town/City Romsey

Country England

Re: Catweazle Weekend 2014

Hello Craig,
To get the bust sculpted and cast will cost about £5000. We have raised £3000 so far. We need to raise another £2000 for the Catweazle Bust and a little extra for the plinth. There is the matter of vat on top, but we are hoping that we can sort something out about that.
Thanks for your interest.