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mentioned in fiction

Has anyonef found any references to Catweazle in popular fiction, or other media, I mention this as at present I am reading Nick Hornby s High Fidelity and in it Catweazle is referred to as in nothing works as Catweazle used to say.
I thought it might be fun to find Catweazle references wherever they may be, make it a competition, who can find the most etc.
Has anybody else found any.
Happy Birthday Geoffrey, I hope you had a lovely day, with many happy returns.

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Re: mentioned in fiction

Hello Sonia,
It's an interesting question. I have heard several quiz programs that refer to Catweazle, but never found anything in a book. It's a great accolade to find a mention in a popular book. So it would be interesting to hear from anyone who knows of any.

Re: mentioned in fiction

Some of you might remember Noel Edmonds' "Telly Addicts" programme from quite a few years back - on one show he asked the contestants which actor played Catweazle (they answered correctly), and they showed the clip where Catweazle sees himself in the mirror. Haven't seen anything in a book yet, but I'll look out for any references.

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Re: mentioned in fiction

I've always felt that there is a strong resemblance in Harry Potter to our Cedric - the hair and the glasses and of course the magic! I dare say Miss Rowling enjoyed Catweazle when she was growing up (like all of us) and some of it may just have dropped into the stories. I wonder if she has ever mentioned Catweazle in her interviews?!

Re: mentioned in fiction

Well JK has certainly mentioned electickery in the books! Ron Weasley's father says it.
Yes Wendy, I have heard that question on Eggheads and several quizzes - AND they all know the answer!! That has to tell you something!!