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Christmas Show CANCELLED due to ill health

It is with great regret that we have had to cancel the much looked forward too Christmas show this Saturday. Craig has been nursing Geoffrey who has been unwell with a very bad cold and chest. Unfortunately over the weekend Craig has come down with it too and can hardly speak.
We gave it a couple of days to see if it improved. Sadly it has not and we had to make a decision as soon as possible. We are very sorry about this, non more so than Craig himself. He still hope that he can do it for you at a later date and wishes you all a happy, HEALTHY and BUGLESS Christmas!
I will of course re-imbuse any monies lost due to late cancellation. Please just email me (carol) and let me know as I am not sure I have everyone's email that bought a ticket.
Apologies again - Nothing Works!!!!

Re: Christmas Show CANCELLED due to ill health

What a bummer Craig! I hope you have a speady recovery no one can plan illness the main thing is to rest and get well again, don't forget the earwigs in your posion love Graham.xx

Town/City Southampton

Country uk

Re: Christmas Show CANCELLED due to ill health

hi' carol, shame about the show. would have been great I'm sure but unfortunately these things long as they are both well again soon. should be able to get the hotel money back for me and brother and will keep an eye out for future dates. best wishes to everyone and have a great Christmas and a happy, healthy, and prosperous new year.

Town/City basildon

Country england

Re: Christmas Show CANCELLED due to ill health

Hello everyone,
Myself and Craig want to thank you all for being so understanding about the cancellation, after what has been a disappointing week! Craig is very disappointed and feels he has let you all down, but WILL try again later!!!
Both Geoffrey and Craig are feeling better but Geoffrey still has a chesty cough and Craig's voice although improving, is still very sore. A big thankyou to all those who have said put the ticket money into the club rather than send it back - bless you.
Me?........Well I now have to force my way through 8 bottles of mulled wine, 50 mince pies, umpteen packets of crisps, nuts, nibbles and sausage rolls!!! Not to mention pulling 60 crackers, finding room for 12 table decorations and an extra Christmas tree lights and decorations!!!! Ah well there's always ebay!! LOL
Thanks very much also to Graham and Sue for helping me with the task of letting people know - would have been in trouble if not for you![

Re: Christmas Show CANCELLED due to ill health

Really sorry to hear about the xmas show being cancelled i was unable to attend but for those who were going i am really sorry for you all.Hope geoffrey and craig will be back to normal very soon and be fit and well to enjoy xmas.Perhaps craig could do a summer show on the catweazle weekend just a thought.

best wishes to all and have a merry xmas and a happy new year.

Any news on the figures carol i paid last week

cheers ian

Town/City lincoln

Re: Christmas Show CANCELLED due to ill health

A great pity, but these things happen, and it's nobody's fault. I've told Craig several times not to beat himself up about "letting everybody down", as he says, but he still keeps doing it! He hasn't let anybody down and the most important thing is that both he and Geoffrey get well soon. I've spoken to both of them and they are feeling much better, but it's important that they now get plenty of rest and keep warm - maybe a nice drop of "Christmas booze" will help them on their way. As Craig says, the event is not cancelled, just postponed. Carol - maybe you'd better open a Christmas soup kitchen for the homeless! Let's now just look to the future and continue to support our wonderful club in whatever ways we can.

Town/City Shipley, West Yorkshire

Country England