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Doctor "Geoffrey" Who and Agatha Christie !

Hello Weazlers everywhere.....first up huge THANKS to all those involved in making Hexwood such a great day out....All your usual hard work paid off and was much appreciated.....Geoffrey, your life story etc was a truly memorable and emotional are a splendid fellow !! ....It was brilliant to catch up with everyone and apologies to anyone I didn't say Good-Bye to late on Saturday night but I think my mind was on the drive home by that point !!
I just wanted to point out that in the latest edition of Doctor Who Magazine (Issue 462 August 2013)there is an article entitled "The 67 Doctors !" looking at everyone who has ever portrayed The Doctor in any medium or context. There is a short section (page 18) on Geoffrey as he appeared as The Doctor in 2 audio adventures in 2003 (Auld Mortality) and 2005 (A Strom Of Angels) also makes mention of him being considered for the role of first Doctor.....and the word "Catweazle" is used !! There is also a lovely colour photo of him to go with it. His performance gets a glowing review and he also gets a "Quintessential Doctorishness" Rating of 10/10 !!
I recently picked up an audio cassette of a BBC Radio Full Cast Dramatisation of Agatha Christie's "At Bertrams Hotel" (originally released in 1996). I was happily listening to it whilst doing the washing up and nearly dropped a plate when suddenly the unmistakeable tones of one Mr Bayldon invaded my headphones !! I'd not read the cast list at that time and therefore hadn't seen that he was playing a Colonel Luscombe. He only appears in the first 25 minutes or so of this 2 hours 20 minutes production. Lovely to hear him nonetheless. As a bonus ,also in the cast with a Catweazle connection is Zulema Dene (Maud in "The Magic Face") undertaking a small role as Mrs McCrea. You can probably find this, like I did, in a charity shop for a couple of pounds.......and its a good story as well !!
Hope the above is of interest......
Love and Best Wishes to all

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Country England

Re: Doctor "Geoffrey" Who and Agatha Christie !

Thanks for that Doug,
The audio cds where he plays the doctor are really good. Auld Morality was wonderful and was such a success that out of all the stars that played the role in this particular series, Geoffrey was the only one to be asked to do a second one -Storm of Angels. I was around when Dr Who first came out - so I of course loved William Hartnell, he was like a wise old professor and someone as a child you felt "safe" with whilst in all those adventures!!! Well Geoffrey reminded me very much like the original so I loved them even more. Geoffrey would have made a wonderful Dr Who, but I am glad he didn't take it up otherwise we wouldn't have had the Catweazle we all know and love!