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Weazeleze magic weekend

It is truly wonderful to meet such enthusiastic people who readily share their time and information and joy of the world of Catweazle and friends, we had a wonderful weekend, and really enjoyed the tour and all Grahams hard work, although with all the excitement we forgot to do the quiz.
Thank you Carol for all your hardwork organising everything, great hotel, and pool, wonderful seeing Geoffrey again and looking so well, and Moray really enjoyed his ancedotes, and the magic show.
Nice to make new friends, Catweazle seems to bring out the best in everyone.
Loved the new figure of Catweazle with his little sun in the bottle, thankyou Vince for all the sight location information.
Wishing you all a happy summer Sonia and Ian

Town/City truro

Country cornwall

Re: Weazeleze magic weekend

Thank you Sonia
Yes it is hard work organising things and things don't always go as you wish - BUT when we have wonderful members such as yourself and Ian who continue to give us tremendous support by joining in each year and contributing to the club as you have done so well this year with the beautiful Catweazle doll, (which will be auctioned later) - then the hard work becomes insignificent. The work becomes a labour of love rather than a chore and I will do my very best to continue to do so. As long as I know we will have attendance and support and that the members enjoy themselves that that is all I need to know.
With this in mind I must say a HUGE thankyou to all of you that joined us for the weekend. YOU are the club. YOU are the reason we come together each year. Your love of Catweazle and the memories and state of mind that this wonderful program produces and evokes to both young and old is amazing. I know that times are hard and that people have to dig deep and travel far and it always fills me with tremendous pride that people don't mind and that they come anyway!! What stars and true brothers and sisters you all are.
Thank you also to our newest meMbers who took the plunge and came along. That is always somewhat nerve wracking as it is a journey into the unknown!!! This year we had a fabulous group of new members with special thanks going to Lorri and Francis for immediately mucking in and helping with seats in their cars to help other members enjoy the weekend too - AND you came all the way from Scotland to join the sassanachs (if that's how you spell it!)Andrew must take the prize for member who travelled the furthest coming all the way from Australia - and what a nice man too!.
We had Tudor and Tony too and the Sharps and Carole and John from Yorkshire, and Jill and Fiona too. Hans too was a "first timer" and once again a friend was made. Welcome and big thanks to one and all. I do hope you will join us again next year (if not before - may have something to tell you about for Christmas) I shall be sending a newsletter out as soon as possible, with more information and updates. Just one more thing - please send us your photos of the day and we will put them on the website for all to see and enjoy. Lastly another BIG THANKYOU to all that donate to our special project, every penny is warmly received and a webpage will be created for people to watch it's progress and hopefully keep donating until we reach our joyous goal.
Thank you once again for everything to everyone and do all keep in touch.

Re: Weazeleze magic weekend

I can never quite believe how quickly our Catweazle weekends come and go - but the magic of them always remains with us long afterwards - I only have to close my eyes and reminisce, and I'm back there again whenever I want. I'm sure that's true for us all. The wonderful DVDs recorded by Jeff Morris over the years and Vince's excellent three locations DVDs recapture the magic so well and it's almost like being there once again.

What a great, and very special, weekend - worth all the hanging around for coaches and long, BORING trips on the motorway, but I wouldn't miss Catweazle for the world. As it is, I always have a clash of engagements, but it's true to say that Catweazle wins out every time! How could I pass by a golden opportunity to meet up with Geoffrey again, not to mention Moray, and this year our lovely Annie too. So good to have a chat with her again.

Geoffrey and Moray both entertained us royally, both of them giving so much of their time and energy. Thanks to Craig for being there for Geoffrey, and giving him the little prompts when needed - you're a star too and your naughty sense of humour has given us many a laugh.

I loved seeing the film and stage clips from Geoffrey's long career - never having had the pleasure of seeing him on stage, that was a dream at least partially realised. I have to confess to having a lump in my throat looking at all those lovely photos from his private collection. Seeing him as a beautiful little fair-haired boy, you'd never have guessed it was Geoffrey if you hadn't already known, but when he was just a few years older I think you could begin to see that familiar face beginning to develop. Oh my, what a handsome young man he became! I bet he captured many hearts (including mine) along the way. And how good he looks now at almost 90 years young! I told him about the 'lump in the throat' as I chatted to him afterwards and in true Yorkshire fashion he said "yer soppy 'aporth"! If you don't come from "up North", you'll probably guess what he meant anyway. I don't think I'm the only soppy 'aporth in the Catweazle Club by any means!

I well remember my first visit in 2006 and feeling just like others in the club who hadn't visited before - but I needn't have worried. Everyone was so friendly and I've made so many new and very good friends since then. I too wondered what on earth I would say to Geoffrey at our first meeting but no worries there either. When I was waiting for his arrival along with several others he actually said "hello dear" even though we'd never met before, so it was a good opportunity to shake his hand and tell him it was good to meet him at last. I just thought "good Lord, Catweazle just spoke to me"! Even better, Geoffrey Bayldon just spoke to me. Afterwards I took a lovely photo of him and we both had a big hug. (My cup runneth over ...) We've both enjoyed a bit of Yorkshire banter since those days, and I'm proud and privileged to have come to know him as a friend.

Finally (thank God I hear you all saying) I must say how good it was to see all the familiar faces again, and to meet a few new ones, and if I omitted to say goodbye to anyone, I'm saying it now - especially Andrew from Australia who came on the locations tour with me in Graham's car - good on yer cobber, and hope you had a good flight back to Oz. I don't think I said goodbye to you either Tony, but it was great meeting you, and I think your "Nothing Works" song on the CD is just great. So love and best wishes to all my fellow weazlers, and can't wait for next June. Thanks as ever to Carol for her tireless work for the club, and to Graham for being such a great pal and for organising the locations tour, and especially for being so helpful to me personally with transport to and from the hotel etc. It's great to have such good friends.

Town/City Shipley, West Yorkshire

Country England

Re: Weazeleze magic weekend

We had a great time! Thanks to Carol and the others for organising it all and making it such a good weekend. Wot a lovely bunch of people the Catweazle Fan Club are. We're just back home now after a stop-off at the midlands cousins in The Potteries. Weazly photos will be sent asap.

Town/City Paisley

Country United Kingdom

Re: Weazeleze magic weekend

Hi gang.

I just wanted to echo Carol's sentiments. It's not just the love of one of the most magical and wonderful televison series ever broadcast but the fact that it has the same effect on everyone in the fan club. The warmth and magic spills over into the members of the club and that is something special indeed.
This past weekend was once again a very magical affair. There were times when the spirit was almost dampened, especially during Graham's locations tour when the heavens opened and the cars in our convoy became regularly parted. Mayhap, even tempers became slightly pushed when we descended upon a small cul-de-sac and proceeded to gridlock it much to the annoyance of the local residents, one in particular. (You there, Brown Jacket!) But, despite the knocks, we all survived to be part of a wonderful and memorable weekend, and as Carol so rightly says, if people enjoy what we do then it's all very worthwhile. I love being able to visit the locations. It's something I do regularly because it's a big hobby of mine and if I can give other fans a bit of enjoyment too, whether it's letting them look through my albums of 'then and now' photos or showing them where a bit of filming took place, it gives me great pleasure. Like the rest of the gang, I'm already looking forward to next year and seeing y'all again. Stay healthy and safe my friends, until the magic brings us together again.

Vince. x

Town/City Tunbridge Wells

Re: Weazeleze magic weekend

Hi everyone, Just a note to say how much I enjoyed meeting you all, and the weekend was fantastic , so much work in planning and so much fun too. Loved the location tour, loved the fete and seeing home farm, loved listening to Geoffrey and Moray and seeing "Kings Farthing". The accomodation in Horsely was great and it was wonderful being with such nice people in the beautiful English countryside. Thank you again Carol for the organization and Graham for the tour. Best wishes to you all for the future! Andrew.

Town/City Brisbane

Country Australia

Re: Weazeleze magic weekend

Hi Andrew

Glad to see you got home safely.

So nice to have meet you last weekend and a lovely chat over breakfast on Sunday.

So pleased to hear you enjoyed yourself and I hope we get to see you again another year. Hopefully with Debbie in tow as well.

If you are on Facebook at all, please join our Official catweazle Fan club page there.

Take Care

Sue x

Town/City Fareham

Country Hampshire