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'The Magic of Electrickery' figure

‘The Magic of Electrickery’


The first casting of a limited edition figurine will be on display in the fan club tent this year! This is your chance to see it for yourself 'in the flesh' and up close. Here are a few close up pictures to give you a sneak preview showing some of the high detail incorporated within the figure. It has been sculpted by myself as a Catweazle fan over a period of several months and is intended to not only capture the magic of Catweazle, but also to help raise vital funds for our club. ALL of the proceeds from the sale of each figure will go directly towards raising funds to erect a monumental sculpture of catweazle in the watter in Bolder Mere lake where the last episode of series one of Catweazle was shot.
Each 10 inch figure on it's base has been lovingly made by hand and hand painted in high detail cast from a one-off mould. While it is certainly true to say that when they made Geoffrey Bayldon the ORIGINAL Catweazle, they broke the mould, these figures will be produced by hand in strictly limited low number of 30 figures because of the short life of the mould. Couple this with the fact that these will be made by hand using a slow cast and curing process taking several days for each figure- means that there is likely to be a waiting list for these. Each figure comes with a certificate of authenticity which is numbered and initialled by the original Catweazle! - Geoffrey Bayldon.

Did I mention that the light bulb also lights up?!!
Please add your name to the list that will be in the fanclub tent at Hexwood or e-mail Carol Barnes through the club to put your name down. As these are the only figures of their kind in the WORLD, they are bound to 'fly'!

Thou art truly a marvellous wizard! SALMAY DALMAY ADONAY!!

Re: 'The Magic of Electrickery' figure

Sounds great David how much are they?

Town/City Southampron

Re: 'The Magic of Electrickery' figure

We just need to work out the postage and packaging costs to get the final price, but we think they will be about £60. Remember that they are unique in that firstly they are individually done, which takes time, but also they light up too at the flick of a switch as well as being a great caricature of our favourite wizard! The wonder of discovering electrickery" is written all over his awestruck little face!
They are also being produced and sold for a wonderful cause, which all those attending on Saturday will see and find out about in more detail and others will learn about shortly after.
I personally have a little collection of Catweazle figures, that have been produced on behalf of the club and by friends and I personally will be VERY proud to own one of these David - my name is first on the order list.

Re: 'The Magic of Electrickery' figure

Carol can you put me down for no 2 please thats the Catweazle figure nothing else that resembles a no 2.they look very good from the pictures and David has captured the facial expression briliantly, will give you 60 groats next week.

Town/City Southampron

Country uk

Re: 'The Magic of Electrickery' figure

Will do Graham and thankyou.

Re: 'The Magic of Electrickery' figure

Cheers Tony!

Re: 'The Magic of Electrickery' figure

The orders for the figures are coming in already, so please be aware that this WILL be a limited edition. These figures are cast and painted individually and take a lot of time, care and patience on David's part and therefore can not be done as a wholesale production like a factory with large numbers going out. With the added attraction of the electrickery light on it, it makes it extra special and fiddly.This does add enormously to it's individuality. We are expecting the orders to increase considerably at the Catweazle weekend, when it will be unveiled on it's base. So if you are thinking about it don't delay in getting your order in especially if you can not make the weekend event.

Re: 'The Magic of Electrickery' figure

Hi david great work mate fantastic looking figure please reserve me one.How much for a life size one.

all the best ian aka boozeweazle

ps see you saturday

Town/City lincoln

Re: 'The Magic of Electrickery' figure

And you can put my name down as second on the list!! Can't wait to see the figure - what a talented chap you are, David. 'Tis nearly time for me to fly through time tomorrow and land in my favourite field in the whole world ... (I think I'll have a wash and brush-up at the hotel first!).

Looking forward to seeing you all very soon - whatever the weather, it's going to be a magical time for us.

Town/City Shipley, West Yorkshire

Country England

Re: 'The Magic of Electrickery' figure

Thanks Ian and Wendy both names duly added into my order book,
One third of the figures have been reserved so far, so thanks to those who have got in quick - we know the people that visit the website regularly - LOL. I think that when it is viewed switched on and "in the flesh" so to speak, they will "fly" if you will pardon the pun!
The monument/statue on the lake is a great project to be part of and something that ALL weazlers (we hope) will be happy to help achieve. We can't do it without our fellow brothers and sisters in magic. Wouldn't Kip Carpenter be proud when he looks down and sees it as a tribute to him and won't Geoffrey be thrilled and indeed dear Robin.

Re: 'The Magic of Electrickery' figure

Awesome put me down for one !!

Town/City St Albans

Country UK

Re: 'The Magic of Electrickery' figure

Well it's not long now!

Re: 'The Magic of Electrickery' figure

Allen can you email me your address and membership number please so that I can add you to the figure order list and contact you when it is done for you