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Travelling to Hexwod

Just in case there are some members new and old making their first trip to Hexwood this year by public transport, I thought I would impart some hopefully useful information on here.

The nearest train station to the hotel is Horsley. Unfortunately (unless this has changed this year) there is no taxi rank outside of it. However, the hotel is 1.4 miles away in a straight line from the station and on the same side of the road. A walkable distance if necessary. The hotel is actually next to Bishopsmead parade of shops which were used as the location for the hairdressers and bookies in series 1.
To travel by car takes approx 4 minutes.

A few years ago I pre booked a taxi to meet me at the station. I got a one man band taxi driver who had obviously had a personality by pass and charged £10 for the short journey

Looking for a bus service on the internet is a bit hit and miss but it appears there is one and as there are shops at the bottom of the station approach, quite possibly there will be a stop there.
If I can find out more then I will post it.

Meanwhile, safe journey to Hexwood in 2 weeks and see you there. I will be arriving at the hotel Friday during the day and probably be around the hotel Saturday morning until about 12 noon if anyone wants to say hello.

If anyone else is arriving Friday, a few of us will probably going the few yards up the road to The Duke of Wellington pub for a drink and bite to eat in the evening. If anyone wants to come along, that would be great.

If I can help anyone in any way, please feel free to e mail me.


Country United Kingdom

Re: Travelling to Hexwod

Further to my post regarding travelling to Hexwood, I have now obtained some information about getting from Horsley station to the hotel.

Firstly, if you are travelling there on the Friday, the hotel will send a courtsey car to pickyou up.
Call the hotel on 01483 284211 and tell them you are at the station and booked in as a guest at the hotel. The driver works from 7 am - 12 noon then 3 pm - 7 pm. he will then come along and pick you up.

If you are travelling at the weekend then Axion cars have quoted a fare of £8 from the station to the hotel. Their number is 01483 771444.

See you soon x

Town/City Fareham

Country Hampshire

Re: Travelling to Hexwod

Thanks Sue for finding that out for us.

Re: Travelling to Hexwod

I would have loved to have attended hexwood this year but as im going to see the who in London I couldn't make it.anyway I hope everyone has a wonderful time and the weather is magical.

Town/City sittingbourne

Country uk

Re: Travelling to Hexwod

Robbo, fancy choosing the Who over Catweazle - what were you thinking!!!!

Re: Travelling to Hexwod

We will be arriving some time on Friday so we may well join you for a drink/grub in the D of W. Looking fwd to it.

Town/City Paisley

Country United Kingdom

Re: Travelling to Hexwod

Excellent Lorri
Look forward to seeing you then

Town/City Fareham

Country United Kingdom