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The Official Catweazle Fan Club
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2013 Catweazle Weekend!

Hopefully, all our members that we have an up to date email for, have received their newsletters. So you will know that next years dates for the Catweazle weekend are the 15th and 16th June. We have been lucky to get the dates much earlier than we usually do. So plans are underway. It is highly likely that the film will either be in progress at that time or it will be done. Either way, we will have up to date information about it, which will form part of the weekend, so it should be very interesting to say the least. Also we have the prospect of Geoffrey on the Saturday evening giving us an evening of his anecdotes/stories from his life which if all goes well will be fantastic. Naturally as things develope we will be in touch with you all with a further newsletter. So keep these dates free - or you might be disappointed!

Re: 2013 Catweazle Weekend!

Hello everyone, 2013 just around the corner,Hexwood seems far away , but it will soon be upon us, that's why plans are already afoot to try and make the Catweazle week-end another memerable event, we have quite a few new members so we look forward to seeing them. Which brings me onto the planned film location tour, several of you have asked if we will be doing another tour, the answer is quite simply yes provided we have enough of you, I know many of you came on last years, but we would love to see you all again, we hope to show you around and add a little fun and a quiz, we are also planning on at least two new locations,I know this is all a good few months in advance but if anyone is interested please reply to this post, these things take a lot of planning, if anyone has any thoughts, ideas, or suggestions don't be shy, we have a small dedicated team who work all year trying to plan and deliver your week-end so feel free to email me or any of the team, just also to wish everyone good health, take care.

Town/City Southampton

Country UK

Re: 2013 Catweazle Weekend!

Yes, do go let Graham know as soon as possible. It could be a good idea to go in 2013. because we think that after the film has been made next year, the location tour may take on a much bigger volume, so it would be a good time to find and see these locations in a smaller and more manageable group now than 2014/15.
Graham does this charge free at the moment so get your names down as soon as possible!

Re: 2013 Catweazle Weekend!

Thanks Carol, as you quite rightly said this is free, we know that everything has gone up and it cost quite a bit for the whole week-end so we are trying to keep the cost to a minimum,all I need to know is if you think you may like to go round, this is not written in stone, as june is still some way off, however to do a location tour it needs much planning and organising, as I have said any ideas are more than welcome, thanks everyone.

Town/City Southampton