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Obituaries of Kip - thought I'd share....


Love to all,


Re: Obituaries of Kip - thought I'd share....

Thank you so much Simon for sharing those two obituaries with us. I think they convey admirably Richard's talents as a writer and the warmth and wisdom of a unique man. What a privilege to have met him - something I will always be grateful for. I hope Richard's funeral is well represented by Catweazle members - if only I lived nearer I would have made an effort to attend. My thoughts will be with everyone on Thursday, particularly Annie and the family.

Town/City Shipley, West Yorkshire

Country England

Re: Obituaries of Kip - thought I'd share....

A bit of a disgrace that we can only find 2 or 3 isn't it? He deserves better and should have been remembered on the news!! He gave many many people a huge amount of pleasure and will continue to do so for a long time. He was at the top of his proffession and he should have been hailed as such to a wider audience.
I am glad however that there has been a mention in a couple of the bigger newspapers and they seem to applaud him which is only right.

No one came close Kip, not even on par
You were the brightest, of literary stars.
Life was exciting as your scripts shone through
Childhoods made magic because of you.

Your talent was huge, just like your smile
Your stories so wondrous, they stood out a mile.
You gave love and laughter, excitement and fun
Imagination and secrets like no other had done.

We were so proud to know you
And now, though you’re gone
Your spirit remains and your brilliance lives on
You’ll always be with us in all that we do
Because love never dies and we’ll always love you.

Re: Obituaries of Kip - thought I'd share....

I desperately wanted to go along to the funeral today and say goodbye to Richard but my job could not be covered today and still slightly sore from my op last week.
As Carol said, it is a shame the club could not be better represented for this great man who gave us so much but obviously distance is a great problem.

I think at 3.30 today everyone could take a few mins to think about Richard and offer up a silent prayer.



Country United Kingdom

Re: Obituaries of Kip - thought I'd share....

I wish I could have gone, but living so far away and without my own transport made it impossible. However, I paid my own small tribute to Richard by putting on three Catweazle episodes and marvelling at the sheer quality of the scripts, which only Richard could have written. What a huge talent - but as Carol and Sue have said, it is appalling how little has been said of him in the press since his passing. He will always stand head and shoulders above many of those who provide us with what is supposed to pass as entertainment these days.

Town/City Shipley, West Yorkshire

Country England