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The Place where fellow Catweazle Fans can get together and discuss anything and everything that is Catweazle or The Catweazle Fan Club and MOST of all make New Friends that have yourself and Catweazle in common, as most of the members know The Catweazle Fan Club was born out of Friendship.

So let`s try and keep the The Catweazle Fan Club in the  tradition it was first Started


Any thread (or answers) containing an Adult Nature (including  links to other Web-Sites)   , Bad Language, Spam or  Items for Sale and that also includes eBay Items will be Removed A.S.A.P.

If the person/persons persist putting the above threads on this Forum a Ban Will Follow.

Let`s keep Catweazle the way it was back in 1970 in a word "Innocent"

The Official Catweazle Fan Club
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Happy New Year to all my brothers and sisters in magic first of all.
Hail and Welcome to 2012-the year we bring back Catweazle-but how you ask?...

Why, through the wondrous web of magic and the power of electrickery of course!! but such powers are not enough on there own, one needeth to add the magic, vital catalyst - YOU! so harken to me:

We have created a good fan club site-thank you for all the great comments about the site on the forum, we read them and appreciate them all! And I had a lot of good feedback from the fans at Hexwood 2011 when showing the site for the first time as well as Richard Carpenter who openly praised what we were doing, which was personally very pleasing to me as a fan. But having embarked on the site and setting up a look and feel for the cave, we now need to go even further...


I have been speaking with Carol about ideas for the future and over the last few months, one such idea is to have an animated version of our favourite time travelling wizard! The idea is to create an animated digital likeness of our hero to live in the Catweazle cave on the site, make appearances elsewhere on our site and mayhap even a Catweazle 'App' or game for your tellingbone!
It mayhap even soon be possible to have special messages spoken by Geoffrey himself as Catweazle only available to our fans! As we believe that Geoffrey Bayldon IS Catweazle, the animated character will try to be a close to his original character likeness as possible-even down to the grubby neck!

If there are any admirers of the work of Pixar or Dreamworks reading this, they will appreciate that this kind of work takes a lot of cutting-edge technology and man hours to achieve-we have small a team of dedicated Catweazle fans already making a start on these ideas and investing a lot of time for free but with YOUR help and donations we will achieve our goals! We also need your ideas too.

So in order to keep our website evolving and to breath life into all these great Catweazle ideas - Please consider making a donation by going to 'Ye Old Shoppe' on the site and clicking on the 'DONATE' button on the 'BRING CATWEAZLE BACK!' item in the shop and enter in the amount you wish to donate. By the way, if you make a large donation, you'll even get your name on the ladder of Saburac - the arrow will move up each time a donation is made.
It's only through true fans of Catweazle that we can bring these ideas to life!
Or if you are buying a present for a friend from the shop, why not add a couple of pounds to your item (as long as you let us know that's what you've done on the message space in PayPal) Any donation-no matter how small will be ring fenced and goes DIRECTLY towards bringing Catweazle back and will help to make our website and fan club awareness grow in the coming years and enable our fan club members to enjoy NEW adventures of Catweazle!
CLICK and BRING CATWEAZLE BACK ! Thank you from The Website team!