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The Official Catweazle Fan Club
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Sorry that many members couldn't open the attachment that came with the recent newsletter. Another one will be sent out this week, together will a little more Catweazle news added to it.
It will also say that the tickets for the Halloween evening have been reduced to just £10 now and not £15! This is because we are not able to have the fireworks at the end of the evening. This of course reduces the cost and therefore we have adjusted the ticket price for everyone. All those that have paid already or have sent £15 will be reimbursed for the extra.
This, I hasten to add will not impact on the evening - it's looking horribly good!


As Carol has said, this Halloween party does look to be VERY good. She has worked very hard in a short space of time to make this all come together so I hope quite a few of you will please try and come along for this.

As many of you know, this is a first get together that has been organized aside from the usual June fetes but just as much planning has been put into it as ever and for £10, you WILL be getting exceptional value for your money and a fun evening. I hope all members appreciate how much Carol tries to keep the costs down for you all.

We realize that travelling and overnight accommodation may be an issue for a lot of people and if this is successful, then maybe another can be arranged somewhere that is more local to other members. Unfortunately there is no happy medium when it comes to choosing other venues. In June it has to be East Clandon and Brickendon for obvious reasons but if anyone would like to suggest something else for the club to consider for futures venues then please do let us know.

Having worked with Carol a lot for this year’s fete, I can appreciate more as to what goes into arranging these meetings so that you can all enjoy yourselves.
When I first came along to a Hexwood fete, I automatically took it for granted that everything was just there ready made for my enjoyment but now I realize just how much planning and expense it all takes and over a long period of time too. Already plans are being made for next year and it’s 9 months away.
Graham and Mike put a great deal of their spare time, effort and money into creating the Castle Saburac and paintings/drawings. David Wiseman has really done an excellent job with the web site. Something, that as a club, we can be extremely proud off. Vince and Time with the dvd’s as well as Jeff capturing on dvd the fete each year.
Other people show their support and freely give their time in other ways too and without all these people, there just wouldn’t be this wonderful club that Gary created.

I may be teaching Granny how to suck eggs here and don’t want to be patronising but please give it some thought when you are asked to contribute by means of ideas etc. Everything is done with the members in mind .

Please try and join us in October. You really will have a great time.

Town/City Fareham`

Country Hampshire


As sue has said this party will be a night to remember, just one thing to add it is open to friends and family so feel to invite them, I hope as many of you as possible make the effort cheers everyone.

Town/City Southampton

Country UK


As sue has said this party will be a night to remember, just one thing to add it is open to friends and family so feel free to invite them, I hope as many of you as possible make the effort cheers everyone.

Town/City Southampton

Country UK


hi fellow weazlers, am so looking forward to meeting you all at the party, bit surprised theres not more attending as carol has put a lot of time and effort in to arrange this for us, so hope there will be more of you gonna go.

we got a great club here with great people and excellent organisers, hope because geoffrey not attending its not put people off going to our party and future events carol might plan for us.

in my experience u just never know with our geoffrey..... ie he might just turn up ! but if he does not , its still nice for us all to get together and have a good time and make carol feel its all been worth the effort. see ya all soon weazlers and come on those who are in 2 minds concerning october 22, GO FOR IT, BE A SCREAM !

Town/City marlow, bucks

Country england