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an idea for next year.Or the year after.

Hello fellow Weazlers
Given that everybody that was able to attended Hexwood and Brickonden this year had such a fantastic time together over the weekend,why can't we meet up as mutual friends on a more reguler basis? Leave Hexwood rightfully as the be all and end all of Club gatherings to celebrate in June at the East Clandon fete,but why should the friendships we have made over the years be resticted to Forum and Facebook posts with nothing in between? We have a new, more modern Website now so is it possibe to have a world map whereby each member can effectively stick a pin in where they live so we can see where fellow Weazlers live by location? Depending on the result,would it not be possible to organise "local" get togethers,maybe an equidistant location depending on how the map looks? Once published maybe somebody would have an idea of an ideal location for ,say,a firework party or halloween or Christmas do or something and suggest a venue with the invitation going out Nationally? Ok,it's not beyond the wit of man to do but it would help bring the family of the club together,Perhaps our German or Dutch friends say,could organise their own events where us Brits could organise a visit to them for a weekend? This is not to suggest that the club be regionalised but more to be more inclusive and build on the friendships we have all made and developed over the years. I for one would love to hear "When I'm Cleaning Windows" against the background of Loch Lomand. Anybody got any ideas while Carol and Gary are having a well deserved rest?? Take care all.

Town/City stockport

Re: an idea for next year.Or the year after.

tiz indeed a wonderous idea brother.mayhap in the near future.

best wishes boozeweazle

Town/City north scarle lincs

Country uk

Re: an idea for next year.Or the year after.

Great idea Pete,what about London area or say the midlands Birmingham, kind of central, maybe as you say a firework night, or halloween, I work for The Ministry of Defence and they have a hotel in central London very close to Waterloo station, maybe I could look into some prices for accomodation and the possibility of a block booking, we maybe able to book a river cruise and meal, or a meal and show, as you rightly say it would be nice to meet up once or twice in between Hexwood. Christmas shopping in London, New York " stop getting carried away Graham" but it is possible we are lucky to have a wonderfull friendly club, any other ideas anyone?

Town/City Southampton

Country UK

Re: an idea for next year.Or the year after.

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Magic,
Gary and I are more than happy to do this, we have made noises about it before and it has been mooted to me by members recently. We would very much welcome suggestions and ideas from other members. Naturally each member knows their areas best and what they have to offer for such events.
We do need 3 very important things though. Firstly and most importantly - responces, thoughts, ideas and general support for arranging them. Secondly, suitable venues and thirdly, a thought into the finance of it.
It would be a great way of cementing further friendships and fun in the wondrous name of Catweazle. So do please - if you think it would be something that you would like to attend in principle, or you have an idea for such a thing, by posting on here and let us know. I am sure our fabulous web wizard can help with the map on the website.
Cheers Pete for starting the thread.

Re: an idea for next year.Or the year after.

I know Carol mentioned to me last week about this and it is a really wonderful idea to be able to see members other than once a year.

Last night Debbie and I came here to London to see Derren Browns show which I know is touring again next year.
It's a fantastic jaw dropping show and a possible idea for a meet up? He'll be up and down the country but gets booked up quickly.

Unless we all go to Australia to see him ad he's invited himself to Debbie's place.
Much love


Town/City Fareham

Country Hampshire